Eddie Hearn claims Jake Paul needs to focus on “absolutely massive” grudge fight vs YouTuber rival KSI ignoring Tommy Fury rematch

The possibility of a rematch between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury exists, but Eddie Hearn opposes it because he believes Jake should next face KSI.

Fury and Paul finally squared off, but after eight rounds of boxing, Tommy was declared the winner. However, even though it was on the terms, both fighters verbally agreed upon a possible rematch just after the fight.

Once the battle came to a close, boxing celebrities and online influencers started to comment on it and offered their perspectives. Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn of Matchroom also shared his thoughts regarding the fight when he appeared on The DAZN Boxing Show.

According to Eddie, even though people will find interest in watching a rematch between the rivals, The Problem Child should focus on another grudge bout at the moment rather than fighting TNT again.

”Fight KSI, it’s absolutely massive. Because the reality is any time you fight anyone with any ability, you will get beat. I do respect Jake Paul and I respect him even more after last night. I mean look, he can’t fight, he’s never gonna be a world champion… What you had was two not very good fighters who were quite evenly matched.” said Eddie Hearn.

The popularity of combat sports among YouTubers and influencers is on the rise. KSI and Jake Paul, two well-known boxing figures, are two examples from YouTube who have long talked about engaging in a boxing match, but now it seems like it may actually happen.

KSI, another YouTuber-turned-boxer, has been demonstrating his prowess in the ring and just in January, the British defeated FaZe Temperrr. Earlier, KSI declined Jake Paul’s offer of a boxing match and opted to face amateurs as his next two opponents instead, but now as Paul lost his bout against Tommy, KSI may show interest again.

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