“I Just Think He’s the Right Fighter”: Ex-UFC champion discloses his “desire” for showdown against UFC legend Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz is as big as a name you can find in combat sports. Since he fought and defeated another UFC superstar Conor McGregor back in 2016, his stardom has just grown leaps and bounces. Diaz who had his last fight with the UFC back in September 2022 has been out of sight for quite some time now.

In a recent callout, former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez expressed his willingness to fight the Stockton ‘gangster’. Alvarez said, “I confronted him in Mexico City about grilling me and doing some weird little kid bullsh*t and we got into then UFC broke it all up. We never got to hash that out, and I beat up his teammate so I thought after I beat [Gilbert] Melendez that maybe that would warrant a fight against him, but still, he never fought me. So, I think this is the right stage, the right opportunity to get this done.”

Is Nate Diaz going to BKFC?

Since quitting the UFC in September of last year, Diaz has been linked with various organizations. From Bellator to Bare Knuckle Fighting [BKFC], It was rumored that Diaz will join these organizations at some time in the previous six months. The 37-year-old might potentially be preparing for a bout inside the boxing ring, but nothing is certain at this time.

Nate Diaz

Eddie Alvarez in a recent interview suggested that a move to the Bare Knuckle fighting will be the best for Diaz at this stage of his career. “I think he’d transition well over to here with that real ‘gangster’ style or whatever he wants to be. I think it’ll do good here and I think that’s the only opponent that I would only want to fight. I don’t really have a desire to fight anyone besides him”, Alvarez said.

Do you think Nate Diaz should fight fellow UFC veteran Eddie Alvarez in BKFC or have a boxing crossover that certainly provides him more bread?



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