“I know I’ll get back”: MMA star Desmond Green aims for UFC comeback following legal troubles

Currently, It’s unclear if Desmond Green will ever reach his intended destination, but the 33-year-old fighter has certainly made a name for himself in the BYB Extreme Bare Knuckle Fighting Series.

As the reigning BYB middleweight champion, he’s won all three of his fights in dominant fashion. Tonight, he’ll be stepping out of his comfort zone and donning MMA gloves for a non-title crossover bout against Lyntai Earnest.

The event will be at the BYB Extreme Trigon Combat event, which will be broadcast on FITE TV.

Although bare-knuckle fighting is currently a part of his journey, it is not Green’s ultimate destination. The 33-year-old fighter originally made a name for himself in MMA, achieving success that led him to the UFC by the age of 27.

In total, he fought six times in the Octagon, winning half of those bouts, and finishing his UFC career with a two-fight win streak. Despite the odds, Green has his sights set on returning to MMA.

“The UFC, it’s all I dreamed about since I was 16,” says Green. “There were unfortunate circumstances that forced me out of the UFC temporarily, and I want to emphasize temporary. I know I’ll get back. My life is dedicated to getting back.”

Desmond Green

Following serious legal troubles, Desmond was released from the UFC. In August 2018, he was involved in a multi-car crash that tragically resulted in two fatalities.

Just weeks prior to that incident, Green was driving with a suspended license and without proof of insurance. And his toxicology report showed that he had exceeded the legal limit for blood-alcohol level.

Desmond Green ready to make amends 

The multicar crash led to multiple charges against Green, including DUI manslaughter, DUI, serious bodily injury, possession of cocaine and marijuana, and a second offense of driving without a license.

Almost five years have passed, and Desmond still awaits trial. Despite the prolonged wait, he remains optimistic that new information will come to light, which will exonerate him of any wrongdoing.

“It is really an unfortunate situation,” says Green. “From the outside looking in, a lot of people don’t know exactly the details and what went down. From Day One, I feel horrible for the people involved. But I wasn’t the one who caused the accident. This is why it’s been five years, and there hasn’t been a trial yet. All the physical evidence is pointing to my innocence.”

Since fighting in the UFC is not a viable option at present, Desmond has had to explore other avenues to continue his combat sports career.

Bare-knuckle fighting presented a new opportunity, and Green has excelled in that realm. He is expected to defend his BYB middleweight title in August, but beyond that, not much seems scheduled.

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