“I might as well go back to Japan”: WWE superstar Asuka fails to win at WrestleMania once again posts a heart-wrenching message for fans

WrestleMania 39 was an incredible night for everyone involved. Unfortunately, for some, the event went horribly wrong. Following a character change, Asuka was the favorite to defeat Bianca Belair. She has finally reacted to her loss.

Despite being the overwhelming favorite to overcome Bianca Belair and dethrone the long-time RAW Women’s Champion, Asuka lost her match. The defeat was surprising, and most supporters did not anticipate it. They were quite disappointed in the celebrity.


Asuka Vows to Bring Chaos to WWE Women’s Division after WrestleMania Defeat

Asuka was naturally unhappy as well. Her post-WrestleMania tweet confirmed this. She began in such a way that most admirers were taken aback. She remarked that she may as well return to Japan after her loss, but she then changed her mind and stated that she needed the fans’ wrath. She stated that she would destabilize the WWE women’s division.

I might as well go back to Japan… But I bet a lot of you guys my friends will miss me when I leave WWE? Now I need the power of your anger. Let’s bring chaos to the boring Women’s Division with me💩 Let’s bring chaos to the Women’s Division, let’s bring chaos to the WWE!”

No matter how big the setback, Asuka is plainly not ready to accept it. Whether Bianca Belair is safe just because she won WrestleMania is unclear. The previous Royal Rumble winner’s next move is unclear.

Asuka’s WrestleMania Defeat Ignites Her Fighting Spirit to Shake Up WWE Women’s Division

To summarize, it appears that Asuka’s WrestleMania defeat has made her want to pack her bags and return to Japan. But hold on, guys, she’s not giving up just yet. Instead, she’s rallying her supporters to stoke her fire and destabilize the Women’s Division.

Although she lost the battle, Asuka does not intend to give up. She’s eager to raise a commotion and change things up in the WWE with her battling attitude. Can Bianca Belair be able to endure Asuka’s retaliation? 

One thing is certain: the Women’s Division should keep an eye on Asuka, who is determined to establish that she is more than a one-hit-wonder. So, get ready to rumble, for mayhem is on its way, and it’s in the form of Asuka!

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