“I never put a ceiling on myself” Jonathan Majors addresses challenges of playing Dennis Rodman’s character in film about Las Vegas trip

Given that controversy is the middle name of Chicago Bulls legend Dennis Rodman, he has lived his life creating new definitions of it with almost every decision he took during his colorful playing career.

The way he set a precedent for his lifestyle, it became almost impossible for any average person to live like Dennis Rodman. However, when it came to portraying a specific part of him on the silver screen, Hollywood actor Jonathan Majors took a deep dive into Rodman’s vigorous behavior.

But yet, it is still a tough job for majors to recreate the then-36-year-old’s Las Vegas trip, which gave birth to a ton of news to feed us in a lifetime.

What did Jonathan Majors say about Dennis Rodman and his trip to Las Vegas?

The 33-year-old Hollywood actor finds it difficult to live up to the way the five-time NBA champion did on that Vegas trip. Majors shared his experience playing Rodman while saying, “Hopefully, I get to sit with him and chat with him when we get closer and trying to get the script right.”

“All these things, all these industry things I never really put a ceiling on myself, but this is definitely a role where I’m pushing that ceiling out,” Jonathan said. “Because he demands that. He’s such a full individual, so he’s going to demand a lot, and I have to figure out how to get that.”

Furthermore, Dennis is funding the project as the producer of the film based on his life. There’s one particular thing that brought the best out of that 48-hour trip: Dennis was visiting his girlfriend, the gorgeous Carmen Electra, and his teammate Michael Jordan came to find him to take to the practice in their apartment in an awkward moment.

Note that the trip was during the game schedule of the Bulls in the 1997-98 season, and despite having a key player absent, the Bulls ended up being the champion, completing the second three-peat in the decade.

What’s your reaction toward Dennis Rodman’s Vegas trip? Can Jonathan Majors go all the way in that role? Leave your opinions in the comment section.

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