“I wanted to align my career kinda the way DWade did”: Clippers Paul George credits former NBA star Dwyane Wade for success

Clippers star Paul George recently credited former NBA player Dwyane Wade for his success in the league. Despite never playing together, George and Wade developed a strong friendship and mentorship.

George spoke about his admiration for Wade’s success both on and off the court, revealing that he aspired to align his career similarly to the way the Miami Heat legend did. “My early years in the league I wanted to align my career kinda the way DWade did; with his fashion, with off-the-court ventures. I looked at him as somebody that was just super successful in everything he did,” George recalled.

Paul George Pays Huge Compliment to Miami Heat's Dwyane Wade - Heat Nation

George also spoke about how he learned a lot from facing Wade on the court, particularly regarding the three-time NBA champion’s competitiveness. However, it was the mentorship he received from Wade that had a significant impact on his career.

“And he carried himself as a good businessman; well dressed, well spoken, just a likable figure. He is one of my favorite people. And I actually got some advice from him when I was going through the whole free agent stuff when I was in Oklahoma. He gave me great advice on that,” George said.

George told Dwyane Wade to 'bring the old Flash back' for the playoffs

Wade, a soon-to-be Hall of Famer, has had a considerable influence on the league and the players he has come into contact with. George credits him for helping him become a powerful force in the league and establish himself as a leader. “I learned a lot from just matching up against DWade.

His competitiveness. What I took away from DWade is the mentorship, the off the court superstar that he was,” George shared in a recent episode of the Podcast P.

Looking back, George has excelled in the league, with eight All-Star appearances and multiple All-NBA nods to his name. His perspective was shaped by Wade’s impact, which helped him surpass those around him and become a dominant force in the league. The teachings he gained from his mentor have played a significant role in his success.

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Overall, George’s admiration and appreciation for Wade as a role model reflect the importance of mentorship in the NBA and the impact it can have on young players’ careers.

The Road to Recovery: Paul George Progress and Potential Return for the LA Clippers

The LA Clippers are on the rise once again, led by star player Kawhi Leonard. However, the team has been missing the valuable contributions of Paul George, who has been out of commission since March 21st due to a lingering knee injury.

Despite his absence, recent reports suggest that George is making significant progress in his recovery, offering hope for his return to the court.

A recent social media clip showcasing George’s training session has Clippers fans rejoicing, as it highlights his progress in overcoming his injury. Although there is still a long road to recovery ahead for the star player, this is a positive development given that he was unable to participate in any on-court activities until very recently.

However, it is uncertain if George will be able to join the team for the start of their series against the Phoenix Suns. NBA reporter Shams Charania reports that while George is making good progress, his recovery is a journey that cannot be rushed, and he will likely miss the beginning of the series.

Nonetheless, the Clippers and their fans remain hopeful that George will make a significant appearance in a later game, providing a much-needed boost to the team’s playoff aspirations.


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