‘I would knock you out worse than Dan Henderson’ Jake Paul jabs at Michael Bisping calling him an ‘Easy Fight’

YouTube star and celebrity boxer Jake “The Problem Child” Paul has revealed a “hit-list” of fighters he would like to face in the boxing ring. 

His shortlist includes the likes of UFC legends Anderson “the spider” Silva and Micheal Bisping amongst others. Bisping soon hit back at Paul with a tweet:  “😂😂😂 come on @jakepaul you do know I’m about your size? Surely that excludes me from your hit list”. 

Paul’s history of fighting retired or rookie fighters who were below his weight class were mocked by “The Count.” Not one to back down, Paul retaliated quickly, reminding everyone of Bisping’s brutal knockout loss to Dan Henderson at UFC 100 and his infamous H-Bombs!

Jake Paul and his older brother Logan have dabbled in celebrity boxing over the last few years. The younger Paul brother is on a bit of a winning streak, having knocked out former UFC and One Championship Welterweight Champions Tyrone Woodley (twice) and Ben Askren respectively, Jake Paul is now targeting bigger names like Anderson Silva, Micheal Bisping, Oscar De la Hoya, and Floyd Mayweather. 

After the revelation of his “list”, Micheal Bisping took to Twitter. Paul jibed back at the octagon veteran with an offer of a PPV with more than a million dollars on the line. Paul continued to berate Bisping and further talked trash about his missing eye.

To be noted, Bisping lost his right eye after a vicious head kick from Vitor Belfort in 2013 detached his retina completely, leaving him partially blind. Bisping is the only UFC champion ever to win the belt with just one eye. 

Jake Paul has been very vocal about the recent issue of UFC fighters getting underpaid. A key selling point in his campaign has been to offer ridiculous payouts (sometimes amounting to more than their career earnings) to former fighters in exchange for facing him in the ring. Will there be a fight between Jake Paul and Michael Bisping? We’ll have to wait for it to find out.


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