“I’ll annihilate him”: Undefeated boxer claims to ‘retire’ Anthony Joshua amid Eddie Hearn’s inability to seal Dillian Whyte bout

Anthony Joshua intends to fight Dillian Whyte in an August showdown. The British fighter was however challenged by Jarrel Miller, another American heavyweight boxer. Miller sent a stern call-out message directed at the Briton threatening to annihilate him.

In his boxing career, Jarrel still remains unbeaten. The 34-year-old boxer made his professional debut in 2009; since then, he has competed in 26 fights and has won every one of them.

With the exception of four, Miller won every match via knockout. The Brooklyn native has been eager to face Joshua for a very long time.

Anthony Joshua and Jarrell Miller feud

‘Big Baby’ stated his ambition to face Anthony Joshua in an interview with Stamina For Sale.  The undefeated fighter is willing to take his animosity with AJ to the next level. 

“I’ll annihilate him! Retire him! Send him back packing, plain and simple. I’m not playing no games with nobody, I’m playing no games.” Miller said. 

According to the American boxer, now that there is bad blood between them, so in a boxing sense it would be great entertainment for the fans. Although there’s nothing personal but he just doesn’t care for Joshua

“When I see you on my radar, I don’t like you, I don’t like anything about you, I want to rip your guts outs and nothing going to change that.” Miller added. 

Additionally, Big Baby made mockery at Anthony Joshua’s manager Eddie Hearn by urging him to quit playing games and arrange the fight between him and AJ. 

Anthony Joshua vs Dillian Whyte bout cancelled?

Numerous contrasting viewpoints have been expressed regarding the upcoming fight between Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte. Hearn, Joshua’s promoter, recently discussed and provided information on the match.

However, no date has been decided upon for the fight between the two heavyweights. The probability of the battle now appears to be less likely as time is running short.

Despite the fact that Eddie earlier boldly asserted that Joshua wants to have this fight. In December, Deontay Wilder and AJ are scheduled to face a battle. Joshua is anticipating entering the ring in August in order to train for the December fight, and Dillian is his top pick.

Do you think Dillian Whyte will eventually crack a deal with Anthony Joshua? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 



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