“I’m embarrassed to be a Lakers fan” Los Angeles’ Heartbroken fans expresses disappointment with Rob Pelinka after Kyrie Irving Mavs trade

Just as we predicted, Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving has been traded to the Dallas Mavericks in exchange for Spencer Dinwiddie, Dorian Finney-Smith, a 2027 first-round pick, and a first-round and a second-round pick in the 2029 NBA draft.

As it seems to be a hijacking deal by the Mavericks, their owner Mark Cuban was pretty confident in signing the Nets’ point guard. On the other hand, the Los Angeles Lakers experienced the same upset twice in a single season.

The Lakers initially pursued the trade in the summer and again after Kyrie’s trade request. Even the player himself preferred to join the Lakers, reuniting with the Lakers’ legend, Lebron James. Assumably, the fans are dissatisfied with the current season.

What is the fan reaction to the Kyrie Irving-Dallas Mavericks deal?

This is the second time this season that the Lakers have failed to sign their prized player, and fans are growing dissatisfied with the Lakers’ Vice President of Operations, Rob Pelinka.

“I don’t have anything left. I’M EMBARRASSED TO BE A LAKERS FAN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE. WE NO LONGER CARE ABOUT WINNING,” one Lakers fan wrote on Twitter.

The Lakers are not playing like a team that wants to win the championship. They are currently the 13th seed in the Western Conference with a poor 25-29 record. They won only five of the last 10 games, and this is the only picture that has remained consistent throughout the season.

The Lakers’ roster is full of injured athletes coming and going to the doctors’ chamber. Even the superstar LeBron James became distressed and exhausted at the poor display by the team. Fans were eager to see a star like Kyrie wear the purple and gold jersey.

There is widespread outrage on Twitter after the blockbuster deal.


One fan wrote, “This fumble is gonna set the Lakers back for a long time.”

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  1. Don’t blame the Lakers. Blame Kyrie. The Nets would have accepted a bag of balls before they were going to trade Kyrie to the Lakers.


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