“They need each other” Kyrie Irving’s ex-teammate Tristan Thompson reveals Nets star’s excitement of reuniting with Lakers’ LeBron James

Kyrie Irving, the Brooklyn Nets superstar, made an unexpected trade request, pleading to be included before the February 9 deadline. His sudden change of heart raised mixed feelings in the NBA world.

However, after hearing the news, NBA living legend and Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James posed in a lucrative and mysterious manner on Twitter. The Lakers star posted two emojis, leaving fans stunned and perplexed.

Tristan Thompson, a former Cleveland Cavaliers player, also contributed to the conclusion by sharing his impressions from playing with both stars.

What did Tristan Thompson say?

The NBA champion of 2016 shared his view on Kyrie’s rumored move to the Lakers in an interview with ESPN. “They need each other and it’s a perfect marriage,” Tristan said of Kyrie’s rumored decision to join the Lakers.

Thompson also sent a text to his former teammate after he learned of his intention to leave the Nets. When asked about the reply, he said, “Yeah he put a heart emoji, so I know he read it … Like I said: The band broke up a couple of years too early, let’s get it back together.”

The 31-year-old forward played with both James and Irving in those three years: 2014–2017, and as a teammate, he witnessed the pair’s chemistry and destructive demonstration on the hardwood.

“This is what we need. One thing about LeBron is he brings the best out of Kyrie, and Kyrie brings the best out of LeBron,” Tristan said, reminiscing about why they should be reunited.

Thompson was a member of the Cavaliers’ championship team in 2016 when they won the NBA title alongside the duo. He joined the Cavaliers the same season that Irving, the fourth overall pick in the 2011 NBA draft, did. He had the fortune to play with Irving for seven years and with James for three years.

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Do you agree with Tristan Thompson? Can LeBron James and Kyrie Irving win another ring if Kyrie joins the Lakers? Comment with your thoughts down below.


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  1. Greatness recognized greatness. We are speaking of two epic players who knows the game and they both put up a lot of points. So just think about kyre put up the winning shot in 2016 to secure the championship. I can see Lebron and Ky doing it again.


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