It’s embarrassing, full stop, to lose to Jake” Eddie Hearn forecasts Jake Paul will knock out Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia

The Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury fight is approaching soon and tensions are building up all over. Many industry veterans and officials are now coming forward with their opinions concerning the fight. There is glory to be achieved, and money to be made and promoter Eddie Hearn has his share to say.

Eddie recently discussed the stakes in this fight, “Tommy Fury is unbelievably limited, right? But he is a fighter. He is a boxer. So, all the criticism about Jake is, ‘You’ve never fought a boxer.’ He’s about to – not a very good one, but still a boxer. For Tommy Fury, it’s just a bit embarrassing. Like, if he was to lose. It’s embarrassing, full stop, to lose to Jake – that’s the reality for a boxer. I mean, I’d be embarrassed if I lost to Jake Paul, and I would.”

Then he revealed his pick to win the fight, “I think he’ll mess with Tommy mentally, and I think, I just think by the time they get in the ring, if they do get in the ring, I think Tommy will be defeated before the fight even takes place. And I think Jake Paul will win by knockout.”

How might Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury end?

First of all, we have to remember that Tommy Fury has admittedly taken this fight for the money. This is a common theme amongst all other fighters than decided to step into the ring against the former boxer. Unfortunately, the likes of Tyron Woodley embarrassed himself and his fans by stepping in the ring twice.

For Tommy, both his father John Fury, and his brother Tyson Fury have been hyping this fight up for a while. Tyson has also issued warnings for his brother should he not manage to secure the win. However, it will be interesting to see how the young Fury survives the mental warfare.

Who do you think may win this fight?


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