Jets’ CB Sauce Gardner adds fuel to ‘Aaron Rodgers trade speculation’ fire in trolling mood

Sauce Gardner is one of the young stars on New York‘s No. 5ranked defense from 2022, and he recently set Twitter ablaze with a tweet directed at Aaron Rodgers on Friday. He quickly followed up to say that he was just trolling Rodgers and football fans, but it didn‘t take away from the recent speculation that he wants the Jets to trade for the legendary Green Bay Packers quarterback this offseason.

The Jets’ quarterback situation is a serious issue, with Zach Wilson has failed to deliver in two consecutive seasons. The team has made it clear that theyre looking to acquire a veteran quarterback this offseason, and Rodgers name has been at the forefront of the conversation. With the added advantage of Nathaniel Hackett, Rodgers BFF, joining in as the offensive coordinator, the rumors of Rodgers joining the Jets have only grown stronger.

Adding fuel to the fire was Gardners tweet, which he later clarified was a lighthearted joke. His words and tweets about the topic have been gaining a lot of attention as the Jets quarterback conundrum for 2023 continues. Apart from Rodgers, other veteran quarterbacks like Derek Carr, Jimmy Garappolo, Geno Smith, Baker Mayfield, and Ryan Tannehill are also likely to be available this offseason.

But what will Sauce Gardner do next? Will he leave it to the Jets to make the moves, or will he continue to stir the pot on social media?

Gardner has kept the Jets and their fans on the edge of their seat ever since he said last week that he wouldn‘t mind if the team traded for Rodgers. His tweet on Friday has only served to increase the tension.

Gardner is one of the stars of the Jets’ No. 5-ranked defense from 2022, and his involvement in the quarterback issue will be interesting to watch. It remains to be seen what he will come up with as the offseason progresses. The New York Jets and their fans will have to wait and see what Ahmad “Sauce” cooks up next.



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