“I’m speaking from perspective from people who played against Michael Jordan”: Mario Chalmers stands firm in criticizing LeBron James despite Tristan Thompson’s bashing

In response to Tristan Thompson, Mario Chalmers made another statement disparaging LeBron James by comparing the king with Michael Jordan. Despite the fact that the former PG received a lot of backlash, Chalmers seems to stick to his opinion.

The story started when the former Miami Heat Guard who himself wouldn’t have endured as successful of a career stated that nobody fears LeBron James on the court. Yesterday, Green and Thompson both provided solid responses to Chamler’s statement on the Draymond Green shows. 


The former Chicago Bulls praised Bron and noted that due to his exceptional passing and prowess, everyone on the court fears the 250-pound player.

“There was times when D Wade was on your a** chewing you out, Chris Bosh was chewing your a**. LeBron would always push Mario to be better, talk great about him to the media, said all these great things about you, and then you’re to come and say no one fears LeBron? This is the best you’ve ever been on the court with, how are you gonna say that no one fears him?” Thompson stated.



Thompson once more insulted LeBron James using a stupid analogy

Regarding Thompson’s remarks, Chalmers justified his statement, saying that he has no issue with the 38 years and was merely expressing the viewpoint of those in “The Big 3.”

“I’m very grateful for winning a ring, I have no problem with LeBron and I’m speaking from a perspective from people in The Big 3 who played against MJ and from what others have said about LeBron. I don’t see how it’s sucka shit when you’re speaking on somebody’s feeling on someone else’s perspective,” Chalmers told Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson of Bally Sports.

Tristan Thompson Goes At Mario Chalmers For His LeBron James Statement

At one point, the former NBA guard pulled LJ’s leg once more by equating his prowess to that of MJ. Mario claims that the players on the court fear the L-train, as the king tries to disprove the opinions of others. With this remark, Thompson undoubtedly showed himself to be a fool and earned a lot of scorn.

“Going more into depth of my statement, you come into a Finals situation are you more fearful to face LeBron James or Michael Jordan? MJ is 6-0 in the Finals and LeBron has four rings. When I say players didn’t fear LeBron, LeBron has been beaten, MJ has not. When LeBron first came to the Heat, people saw him as a villain. But when you line up next to him, you’re actually fearful of him because he’s trying to prove people wrong.”

Thompson and Chamlers seem to be heading to war virtually. Stay with us to learn the most recent details about this virtual conflict.


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