“I’m the champion, I decide”: Leon Edwards ridicules UFC president Dana White’s orders for a title bout against Colby Covington, sheds light on what he wants next

In an interview with Sky Sports, the Ultimate Fighting Championship welterweight winner Leon Edwards essentially fired back at Colby Covington and thus disclosed his forthcoming plans for his next fight. Earlier amidst a war of words between the two fighters. In social media posts, Covington had accused Edwards of trying to avoid a title match by refusing Dana White’s orders.

However, Edwards brushed off Covington’s remarks and confidently stated, “I’m the champion, I decide.”

In response to Covington’s plea for a bout in July, Edwards stated that it would only happen if the deal was too good to pass up, “Unless the stupid money comes. I don’t see it.”

He also pointed out that he had just fought less than a month ago, and a turnaround in July wouldn’t make sense considering the active intervals he has been fighting at.

Leon Edwards

Champion’s Choice: Leon Edwards Reveals Next Fight Timeline and Takes a Jab at Welterweight Contenders

Edwards then revealed his preferred timeline and destination for his next fight, taking into consideration his need to recover from previous fights and nurse his injuries. “I get time to nurse my injuries, I get time to get back into it. I feel like Abu Dhabi would be perfect,” he stated, directly contradicting Covington’s earlier tweets.

Taking a dig at other welterweight contenders, Edwards highlighted the hard work he had put in to reach his current position as champion, in contrast to fighters like Covington and Gilbert Burns who he claimed hadn’t earned their title shots.

“I had to go earn like ten fights in a row to fight for the world title, these guys are winning one fight, losing one fight, and then fighting for a world title,” he said.

In the high-stakes world of the UFC welterweight division, Leon Edwards stands tall as the champion who hopefully gets to call the shots.

Champion’s Calculated Conquest: Edwards trying to establish himself in the UFC Welterweight Realm

With his eyes on the prize and a calculated timeline for his next fight, he scoffs at those who haven’t earned their stripes as he has. So, let the challengers beware, for in the octagon, “Rocky” currently reigns supreme, ready to face whatever comes his way with unwavering determination and skill that could leave his opponents in awe.

The UFC world awaits with bated breath to see what Leon Edwards has in store next, as he continues to carve his legacy in the annals of combat sports history. As he said aptly, “I’m the champion, I decide.”

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