“It will be absolutely massive”: UFC president Dana White confirms Jorge Masvidal’s title challenge if he takes out Gilbert Burns at UFC 287 and Leon Edwards knocks out Colby Covington

Jorge Masvidal has been making the rounds on the news for quite a few days. Ahead of his bout against Gilbert Burns, he engaged in a public altercation with Kevin Holland. And now, Masvidal’s name has been dropped in one of the most anticipated bouts. UFC boss Dana White has tipped his name for the welterweight title contender position. If Masvidal managed to slide past Burns, he may have a shot at the gold.

Dana White
Dana White hinted at a possible Masvidal Vs Edwards bout if things go smoothly for them

Dana White hints at Masvidal Vs Edwards

Masvidal has a longtime rivalry with Leon Edwards. The two did not face each other in the octagon. However, they have been at each others’ necks for quite a while. They have hurled insults at each other on several occasions. Not to mention the relentless pursuits of each other to get on their nerves backstage. Things might finally culminate to a bout if White stays optimistic about it.

There is one contention. White previously mentioned Colby Covington as the title contender. On the flip side, Edwards did not deem him as a worthy opponent. Like many others around the world, Edwards felt that Covington did not do the due diligence to get this title shot. On the contrary, White heaped loads of praise for Covington. The boss mentioned Covington to be ready, bringing up his willingness to stand as a backup for Kamaru Usman in the title match.

As things have transcended, White has started considering different options. He is well aware of the Masvidal-Edwards rivalry. Which is why, White feels that this could be a big-money-fight . However, he did mention that the fight has two prerequisites. The fight can only go ahead if the two beat their respective opponents.

Is the UFC boss already planning the fight?

White thinks it will be a tough job for Masvidal as he labelled Burns as “Badass”. Then again, he himself is looking forward to Masvidal and Edwards overcoming their respective challenges. Time will tell whether Edwards can beat Covington and Masvidal can edge over Burns. If the stars align then White himself feels that this could be an epic story for the promotion. He is already thinking of arranging the bout to Miami, if the time calls for it, “It will be absolutely massive, and maybe we will do it back in Miami.”

Masvidal has been far from the limelight for quite a long time. Since his BMF title win, his record in the UFC octagon has gradually declined. On the other hand, Edwards climbed up the ladder in a stellar fashion. ‘Rocky’ has turned a number of heads, and done justice to his nickname. The welterweight champion might look forward to burying the hatchet and settle a debate that never resulted in a fight.

Who do you think will be the winner if Masvidal and Edwards take the centre stage?




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