In just 93 seconds, Pete Rodriguez crushes challenger Mike Jackson lifeless on ground

Pete “Dead Game” Rodriguez, an American MMA fighter and the betting favorite smashed out Mike Jackson, a part-time fighter and fringe media member by technical knockout in the first bout of the evening at welterweight. 

Pete Rodriguez (4-1) returns to the UFC following his baptism of fire in January. He had won his first four pro fights all by knockout in the first round and stepped in on short notice to face the top boxer, Jack Della Maddalena, at UFC 270. It was a mismatch, as he was knocked out in the first round by his own medicine.

Mike Jackson (1-1(1)) is an unusual case making his UFC debut against Mickey Gall (2016). He was easily submitted and subsequently gained the golden ticket to battle CM Punk (2018) at UFC 255, where he won by decision. It was reversed for marijuana testing positive and returned almost four years later. He faced Dean Barry in April, who was subsequently disqualified for eye gouging.

However, a recent welterweight opener between Pete Rodriguez and Mike Jackson didn’t even need the full three rounds since Rodriguez ended the show early.

93 Seconds of Domination!

Rodriguez came out guns blazing against Mike Jackson, and it didn’t take long for him to start landing strong punches to the body and head. After bringing the battle back to the cage, Rodriguez began unleashing shots until Jackson attempted to duck his head to escape, at which point he was struck in the face with a knee.

Jackson went down to the canvas, and Rodriguez threw one more strike at him before the referee stepped in to end the round at 1:33.

As the biggest betting favorite on the entire card, Rodriguez appeared to be aware of his advantages and didn’t seem to notice Jackson’s advantages long reach, and height. Rodriguez came out swinging right up and established the tone with a body shot that knocked Jackson to the ground.

Afterward, Rodriguez simply continued dismantling Jackson on the feet while launching a combination that included a clean uppercut that was delivered with force. Jackson began to turn his head from side to side to try and avoid taking any more harm when Rodriguez delivered the precisely timed knee that put an end to the bout.

Jackson remained unconscious and motionless for at least one minute –  almost as long as the actual bout lasted, at 93 seconds.

Emotional Rodriguez remarked after the bout that he was relieved to have won after falling short in his UFC debut earlier this year.

“Thank you all my coaches,” Rodriguez said in his post-fight interview with Paul Felder. “All my family who believe in me as the Day 1’s. … I’m back from the dead. If you don’t know now you know. And if you just know, it’s too f*cking late.”


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