Is CM Punk going to clash with Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns after return to WWE? Exploring the possibilities

CM Punk made his return to WWE in the Survivor Series after the War Games match. Punk appeared on the entrance stage after the WarGames match with his iconic “Cult of Personality” theme, causing a massive eruption in the Allstate Arena in Chicago.

Punk has had numerous rivals in the past, including The Rock, John Cena, Undertaker, and many more. Now, after his return, Punk is expected to feud with some big names on the current WWE roster.

Who will CM Punk clash with next?

In 2005, Punk signed with WWE, making his debut on the SmackDown brand. His initial time in WWE was challenging. In 2011, Punk won the Money in the Bank contract, guaranteeing him a shot at any WWE championship.

He cashed in the contract at Night of Champions, defeating John Cena to win the WWE Championship for the first time. Punk’s reign as champion lasted for 434 days, making it the longest WWE Championship reign of the modern era.

Punk’s return to WWE after nearly a decade wasn’t easy decision but he’s back to reclaim his glory in WWE. Following his return Seth Rollins, the current World Heavy Weight Champion was angry and footage of Rollins shouting at Punk’s return is going viral on social media. WWE can make this rivalry a huge success if they create a storyline between these two superstars.

Recent report says that WWE is reportedly planning a feud between Punk and the Tribal chief Roman Reigns. It is not yet confirmed but this storyline will probably happen after Punk’s rivalry with Rollins in the upcoming Royal Rumble 2024.

CM Punk’s rivalry with The Shield

In late 2012, The Shield, a trio of young, masked wrestlers (Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins), debuted and rapidly established themselves as a dominant force in WWE. They targeted top stars like Ryback and John Cena, and their brutal tactics and unwavering loyalty to their cause made them instant fan favorites.

In November 2012, Punk and The Shield’s paths finally crossed when The Shield attacked Punk during a match. This led to a series of heated confrontations and intense matches, culminating in a handicap match at the TLC pay-per-view in December. Punk, despite facing three opponents, managed to defeat The Shield in a stunning upset.

The rivalry between Punk and The Shield continued throughout 2013, with both sides exchanging victories and insults. Punk’s respect for The Shield grew even stronger, and he even admitted that they were the best thing to happen to WWE in years. However, Punk never lost his competitive spirit, and he was always determined to prove that he was still the top dog.

CM Punk and the shield in Raw
via WWE

The Shield reached its climax in June 2014 when Rollins turned on his Shield brothers and joined forces with The Authority, a group of corrupt corporate executives. Punk was disgusted by Rollins’ betrayal and vowed to get revenge.

The rivalry between Punk and The Shield was a memorable and defining moment in WWE history. It was a clash of generations and ideologies, showing that even the most dominant forces can be overcome with determination and heart.


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