AEW star asserts Samoa Joe departed WWE because the $9.3 billion organization did not present him with ‘opportunity to be World Champion’

Within the most recent ROH show, Samoa Joe relinquished the ROH World Television Championship to focus on his challenge to MJF for the AEW World Championship. Joe eventually persuaded MJF to accept his offer of partnership in return for a title rematch. They will be working together on 12/6 on AEW Dynamite.

During a heated promo last night, the champion talked about Samoa Joe’s accomplishments, praising wrestling companies like TNA and AEW for providing fans options and wrestlers chances, while criticizing “WWE” as an outsider. Next week’s AEW Dynamite should be a lot of fun, especially with a tag team match on the horizon.

MJF on Samoa Joe’s WWE exit

The unexpected return of CM Punk to WWE at Saturday night’s Survivor Series: WarGames was the biggest story in wrestling this week—if not the year. On Wednesday, the champion of AEW Dynamite discussed Punk. With five hours of weekly television time to occupy, AEW is preparing for Worlds End on December 30th. It seems like next week’s AEW Dynamite will be a fantastic show.

Samoa Joe
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On November 29th’s Dynamite, AEW World Champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF) was present despite currently dealing with several injuries. Despite his physical condition, it doesn’t change the fact that he possesses exceptional verbal skills.

The promo featured MJF criticizing WWE for their decision to deal with an AEW talent. He made the appearance on Dynamite this week to discuss his next world championship opponent, during which he mentioned WWE and brought up CM Punk, among others.

The main reason the champion criticized WWE was because of the way they handled Samoa Joe. At the outset of the promo, Max lauded Samoa Joe for his talent and said that WWE had treated him disrespectfully.

According to “The Devil,” Samoa Joe was unfairly bypassed for the chance to become a WWE world champion because “His talents weren’t fully recognized.”

Samoa Joe WWE career highlights

Heavyweight champion Samoa Joe is a legend in the wrestling industry because of his unparalleled agility and strength. His remarkable resilience in the face of adversity has astounded everyone in the WWE. Before making the jump to the main roster, he had a stellar 2015–2016 season in NXT, during which he won the title twice.

Samoa Joe
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Samoa Joe earned the moniker “Samoan Submission Machine” on the main roster due to his devastating submission techniques, making him widely regarded as one of the top superstars of 2017. Among his accomplishments was winning the United States Champion title in 2019, though he had to miss some time due to injury.

As a record-setting three-time NXT Champion, Joe made a triumphant comeback to the promotion despite setbacks. AEW and ROH have allowed Samoa Joe to regain his former glory, proving to fans that he is once again the formidable competitor they knew he could be, despite WWE’s booking decisions limiting his potential.

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