Watch: Friends in WWE turned rivals in AEW, Adam Copeland issues stern warning to Christan Cage ahead of title bout

Adam Copeland and Christian Cage have been feuding ever since Cage joined AEW. Not only did their most recent face-off on AEW Dynamite have a compelling narrative, but Copeland also dropped a surprise F-bomb, making it unforgettable. After putting Cage in his place, Copeland told him to “Go f*** yourself.”

Following this heated exchange, Copeland challenged Christian Cage to a championship fight in Montreal on December 6th, broadcast live on TNT. The aftermath of the surprising F-bomb and Cage’s reaction to Copeland’s challenge were the topics of anticipation for Minneapolis fans on November 29.

Adam Copeland warns Christian Cage

After seemingly changing his mind earlier in the day, the TNT Champion apologized to Adam Copeland and suggested they put their differences behind them tonight. Unfortunately, his plan to fool Copeland backfired since the latter anticipated it.

Before confronting Copeland, Cage made a show of being secure. The security guards eventually departed, leaving Cage and Copeland to themselves after some back-and-forth. Nobody believed Cage when he said he was sorry.

Adam Copeland
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Cage abruptly turned to try to strike Copeland with the TNT Championship as he walked away. Copeland deflected the strike, kicked Cage in the crotch, and forced the Champ to surrender the belt. Adam followed in Cage’s footsteps by rejecting his offer and using aggressive words. 

The WWE Hall of Famer confirmed their match and made a bold statement about his intention to challenge for the TNT championship saying, “Go fuck yourself.” As if the TBS censor had missed the hint, Copeland had an open and honest session with The Patriarch, during which she used explicit language to give a direct message. 

Adam Copeland and Christian Cage’s friendship ruined after AEW segment

A conflict emerged between Edge and Christian Cage, his former tag team partner and close buddy, shortly after Edge’s October AEW debut. Bully Ray discussed the merits of Copeland and Cage’s current adversarial relationship on “Busted Open Radio,” outlining the reasons why the duo would be more interesting apart than back together.

Adam Copeland

When Copeland returned to AEW, he called out to Christian Cage, who used to be his tag team partner in WWE and is now the AEW TNT Champion. His younger daughter led Copeland to consider terminating his partnership with Cage.

Meanwhile, Cage was not the buddy Copeland recalled after his evolution at AEW. According to the bully Ray, “Christian is now being allowed to be the version of Christian that Christian always wanted to be.

By turning on his comrade D-Von, Bully Ray demonstrated the devastating effect that the betrayal of a loyal friend can have. Cage sent a clear message to his former partner, Copeland, when he rejected his invitation for reconciliation and working together again at the end of an AEW Dynamite segment.

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