WWE star aims to knock down another legend following Rey Mysterio, sends stern warning to Randy Orton: “I hope he doesn’t show up”

Santos Escobar was the member of the LWO faction for months. The LWO was revived by the Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio. Escobar betrayed the LWO by brutally attacking Mysterio in a Smackdown episode causing him to undergo a leg surgery

In a recent interview Escobar gave a warning to the entire Smackdown roster especially to the 14 time World Champion Randy Orton, who made a return to WWE in the Survivor Series after 18 months.

Santos Escobar warns Randy Orton

In a highly anticipated moment at WWE Survivor Series, Randy Orton made his long-awaited return to the ring. Orton, who had been sidelined for over a year with a back injury, entered the Men’s War Games match as the fifth member of Team Cody.

In a recent appearance on WWE’s The Bump, Santos Escobar delivered a chilling message to his fellow SmackDown Superstars. Escobar declared that his decisive victory over Dragon Lee at Survivor Series was merely a glimpse into his true potential.

With an air of menace, Escobar proclaimed, “What happened to Dragon Lee at Survivor Series was just a taste of what I’m capable of. Anyone who dares to step into my path will face the same consequences.”

He also mentioned about Randy Orton’s appearance to this weeks Smackdown. Escobar said, “I just heard that Randy’s gonna show up on SmackDown this Friday. Is that correct? Well, I hope he doesn’t show up. I know he’s the legend killer, but I just sent a legend away for good. I don’t want to send him away too. So if he’s watching this, I hope he doesn’t show up.”

Orton’s return was a welcome sight for WWE fans who have been eagerly awaiting his comeback. The 14-time world champion is one of the most respected and feared wrestlers in the history of the company, and his return is sure to shake up the WWE landscape. If Escobar crosses paths with the Viper, he is sure to face the most dangerous three-word move, “The RKO,” in this week’s Smackdown.

Santos Escobar feud with LWO

The feud between Santos Escobar and the LWO (Latino World Order) is one of the most captivating storylines in WWE today. The rivalry began in November 2023 when Escobar attacked Rey Mysterio, the leader of the LWO. This act of betrayal set the stage for a series of intense confrontations and high-stakes matches between the two factions.

Carlito was supposed to be in the match with Escobar in the Survivor Series, but due to the attack of Escobar, Carlito met with an injury. So, Carlito was removed from the match and Dragon Lee was added to the match. The match was dominated by Escobar and he won. During the match he disrespected Dragon Lee by trying to remove his mask.

Santos Escobar in WWE
via WWE

During the interview, Escobar said, “I’m really happy. It was just another opportunity at the PLE to demonstrate what Santos Escobar is all about. Just like I said before, and I’ll say it again, it is just an example of what happens when you cross Santos Escobar. That’s it.”

He also mentioned that he was a major part in forming the LWO and that Dragon Lee does not fit in. It is clear that Escobar will target the remaining members of the LWO until defeating everyone.


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