After attacks on Rey Mysterio necessitate surgery, WWE star Santos Escobar delivers ferocious three-word reaction

Rey Mysterio, after facing a betrayal from Santos Escobar last week on smackdown, recently announced that he has undergone a major surgery. At the Crown Jewel Pay-per-view, Rey lost his United States Championship to Logan Paul. In the match Logan Paul used the brass knuckles to win the match that was brought to the ring by Santos Escobar.

During this week’s Smackdown Rey Mysterio along with LWO were in the ring. Suddenly Carlito who had become the member of LWO in the Fastlane event, appeared on stage and started blaming Santos Escobar for the loss of Rey at the Crown Jewel. Escobar was not happy about this and started attacking Carlito. Rey was trying to stop Santos who then brutally attacked him outside the ring using the steel steps and left the ring.

Santos Escobar reacts to Rey Mysterio’s injury

Following the serious scuffle in Smackdown, Rey was taken out by the emergency medical team. Yesterday Rey announced that he has successfully undergone knee surgery on social media. After Rey announced the surgery, Santos Escobar posted a photo of Rey Mysterio on twitter.

Santos Escobar posted Rey’s photo on twitter with a caption saying, “Don’t Come Back “. Needless to say the fans were not happy with this gesture of Escobar to Rey Mysterio.

Although the two WWE personalities are now rivals on the ring, fans felt Escobar’s words were too harsh for Mysterio given his condition. Many criticized Santos Escobar for his actions and his post has since been making rounds on the internet.

Santos Escobar and Rey Mysterio’s Rivalry

Unbeknownst to many, Santos Escobar once stated that Rey Mysterio was his childhood hero. During a backstage interview from Money in the Bank 2023, Escobar said that he took advice from his hero Rey.

Escobar was a member of the LWO and was stablemate with Rey Mysterio for the whole time. But when Rey won his US championship from Austin Theory at the Payback event, things started to mix up between Rey and Escobar.

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On September 15th in the smackdown event, Escobar challenged Rey Mysterio for a US championship match. Eventually Rey accepted for the match.

The match officially happened on 29th September at a smackdown event. Escobar came close to winning, but Rey won it through a reverse pinfall, which Escobar was not happy about. All this frustration made Escobar angry and made him brutally attack Rey on last smackdown.

Escobar’s tweet clearly states that he did not like Rey appearing in the ring anymore. After this he will likely leave the LWO and again cause some danger to Rey if he comes back after recovery.

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