“Just a great guy”: Logan Paul extends praise to Cody Rhodes amid hints of dynamic tag-team duo with Dominik Mysterio Recently

Logan Paul the Maverick won the US Championship at the Crown Jewel event recently. The wrestling world were at shock that he defeated Rey Mysterio for the US Championship.

The match was fantastic and the fans even started to appreciate Logan Paul when he saved Rey Mysterio from a major injury during the match. The Maverick then celebrated his US Championship victory in the backstage with Triple H and has recently showered high praise on Cody Rhodes.

Logan Paul offers high praise to Cody Rhodes

During a vlog with his brother Jake Paul, Logan mentioned that Triple H gave some advice regarding the belt. In a recent episode on IMPAULSIVE, Logan Paul addressed his fans as the brand new WWE US Champion and said a few things about the Crown Jewel match with Rey Mysterio where he saved Rey from a possible injury.

In the episode Logan Paul also mentioned Cody Rhodes and has some high praise to shower on him. Logan said, ” The person who has been so nice to me is Cody. Just a great Guy. Gives me advice, words of encouragement, checks in on me, he’s just an awesome dude”.

He also mentioned a podcast with Cody Rhodes that happened months ago on IMPAULSIVE, where these two had a good friendly talk. This statement from Logan indicates these two have a good and friendly relationship in WWE backstages.

Logan Paul and Dominik Mysterio tag-team duo

After beating Rey for the US Championship, he impressed many superstars in the wrestling industry. The North American Champion Dominik Mysterio has started to make a friendly approach with Logan as he defeated Rey who is the father and past rival of Dom. Since then, Paul and Mysterio have both started to give shout outs to each other. At the UFC 295 event Logan had given a shoutout to Dominic Mysterio that fans absolutely loved.

In the same episode of IMPAULSIVE Logan Paul also said a few things about him and Dom. He said, “Do I become Tag-Team Champion with Dominik…could be fun, you got two heels, you got two people the audience loves to hate.”

He also mentioned that the young star has grown on him saying, “I Like Dom”. Currently both Logan Paul and Dominik Mysterio are performing very well and started to give very good matches with their in-ring performances. Logan Paul debuted on Wrestlemania 38 in a tag team with The Miz against Rey and Dominik. Particularly Logan Paul has improved as a wrestler within a short period of time, which impressed many. These two are also among the best heels in the current WWE locker room.

Logan Paul has not appeared at WWE after Crown Jewel. Fans are waiting for Logan to appear as the US Championship. If this Duo possibly combine, the fans will really enjoy the team.

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