Logan Paul accidentally reveals to Jake Paul that Triple H warned him not to get freaky with the WWE US Champion belt

Logan Paul has created a significant shock for WWE fans by winning the United States Championship, defeating Rey Mysterio. However, after winning the title, Paul claimed that he has retired from boxing. Despite this, after defeating Rey, he showed interest in making more WWE appearances in the future.

The Maverick claims to have a collaborative relationship with WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H. As this American professional wrestler is taking more interest in WWE, he seems to be around Triple H.

Logan Paul discloses Triple H’s warning

While speaking for Mail Sport, Logan Paul talked about his connection with Hunter Hearst Helmsley. “I’m so stoked that Triple H and the company believe in me like they do,’ Logan Paul stated.

‘Hopefully, I can make them proud and I know I will. He’s super receptive to my ideas. I’m a content creator – a keyword creator. I like to make stuff, I come up with ideas. When I pitch my ideas, he’s all ears all the time.”

“We bounce ideas off each other, we go back and forth and usually land on stuff that’s pretty epic. It’s super collaborative and I like that they give me the freedom to be who I am in their company,” This Media Megastar also added.

Logan Paul seemed to have a lot of fun with his championship belt while speaking to his brother Jake Paul. In a playful manner, Logan mentioned that he “f*cks in this belt.” After that, he instantly clarified that he was not doing anything inappropriate like that with the title.

This 28-year-old wrestler got  serious about the warning from Tripple H and said, “I swear Triple H, he came up to me he said ‘Logan congratulations on the belt, one thing we’ve been cautious about here in the organization is making our athletes are not f*cking in their belts.’ And I gave him my word.”

Logan Paul drops subtle hints on his next opponent

The YouTube superstar lati dropped some subtle hints about his next target. Shortly, he has set a target on Braun Strowman, Ricochet’s tag team partner. But a recent injury will keep Stroman on the shelf for the rest of the season.

Logan also seemed to threaten Seth “Freaking” Rollins on an episode of IMPAULSIVE a few weeks ago. Rollins already has a record of winning over Paul. If they are seen again in the ring, it would create a buzz on social media.

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