Conor McGregor publicly criticizes Irish government for making him the “scapegoat” in aftermath of Dublin riots

Former UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor is under the radar of government officials. “The Notorious” is known for his controversial talks on social media about ongoing topics in the combat sports community. Right now in his recovery phase, Conor hasn’t lost focus on his ‘X’ account connecting with fans and making controversies through trash-talking in his style.

But this time he made comments on the Irish Government and criticized them while talking about their new election policies in his tweet. Commenting on something other than his sport may have got him in trouble.

Conor McGregor slams Irish government

McGregor is a very patriotic fighter who always represents Ireland in the combat sports field. Keeping the sports and country in consideration he does care if something wrong is happening to his people.

Given his outspoken persona, it came as no wonder he chose to go after his own country’s government after last week’s Dublin riots. On November 22nd, 2023, McGregor tweeted about how the elections proceeding in Ireland were inappropriate and voiced against it.

“The Notorious” wrote, “US allows non-residents to vote? Visitors can vote? I can fly in now and register a vote in the United States elections. Surely not. However, Ireland’s current government is proposing this. A disgrace! A shame! Hang their heads in shame!”

His bold remarks questioning the election proceedings of the Irish government and in support of the protests against the governing bodies has drawn wide attention from fans over the internet.

The reaction from the combat star have raised questions about Conor’s future. The government is now allegedly looking into his tweets for possible intents of sparking violence and fueling the Dublin riots per Irishtimes.

Conor McGregor’s stance on political leadership

Conor McGregor is directly after the political leadership of the current Irish government. McGregor thinks the current government is hiding the truth behind the violence committed from the authorities amid Dublin riots.

Conor Always gets support from his friends and fans but this time amid political unrest, the former champ’s allegations may have created chaos as per authorities.

It is believed that the tweet Mcgregor posted has added fuel to the fire amid Dublin riots. The ongoing protests in Ireland has been an active topic across social media platforms and if a star of McGregor’s stature openly supports a cause that is sure to give rise to violence, the matter is one to draw legal actions from authorities.

Amid the investigations for provoking this violence through Twitter posts, Connor McGregor’s recent comments may get him in big trouble with fines and possible prison time. But Irishmen’s latest tweet claims that the political parties are hiding the truth and diverting the people’s attention.

What are your thoughts on Connor McGregor’s stance against the Irish government? Share with us below.

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