Is LeBron James leaving the Lakers after Anthony Davis’ deal extension? looking at King’s contract details

LeBron James, the basketball icon, has always been on high demand in the NBA Market. He has always attracted numerous teams to sign in with him. After his free agency back in 2018, he was undoubtedly the one with the brightest prospects in the free market. At that time there was a long que of organisations wanting to win their chance over him including the L.A. Clippers, Philadelphia 76ers and the Golden State Warriors.

From these numerous choices, James decided to go in with the prestigious Los Angeles Lakers, by signing a contract worth $154 million for 4 years. With the termination of the contract, he might have to leave the Lakers, with Anthony Davis coming in. Let us have a look at what the new draft might be? 

Is LeBron James leaving the Lakers after Anthony Davis’ contract extension?

The recent reports show us that the Los Angeles Lakers and Anthony Davis has entered into a 3 year contract worth $186.6 million which is most likely to last till the 2027 or 2028 NBA season. Both James and Davis are athletes belonging to the Klutch sports and  this decision is most likely to have a huge impact on the future of LeBron James with the Lakers.

Some reports, on the other hand, continue to say that the team is ready to keep and retain both the basketball icons. Whereas, this scenario might change if James chose to leave. At present, it can be stated that the Lakers is showing its commitment to go on with both the athletes.

LeBron James has long stated that he would like to play with his son Bronny James. He would likely sign with the same team that selects Bronny in the 2024 draft, according to a lot of people. The most recent claim that the “James Gang” will relocate to Atlanta, where the Hawks would conceivably select Bronny in a mock draught, is a clear indication that LeBron is ready to exercise his option and might even be willing to part with some cash if necessary.

Moreover, before his career comes to an end, James is motivated to capture another championship. To make that happen, he might have to travel outside of Los Angeles. Several prestigious teams including New York Knicks, Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls, are willing to join hands with him. A victory with any one of these teams might make James’ dream come true.

After the termination of the 3 year period of Anthony Davis’ contract, James would be 43 years old by then. It is very unlikely to say whether LeBron would still continue to play. At the same time there had been flying rumours about his retirement after a heartbreaking defeat in the Western Conference finals, until James himself confirmed that he would be playing in the 21st NBA season.

Inspite of a great injury record, the Lakers still have confidence in Davis as a valuable addition to the team after his huge role in their playoff victory and late season come back. The team decided to extend his contract due to their belief that he can continue to perform at a high levels as he gets older.

What are LeBron James’ contract details with Lakers? details explained

 James signed a 4 year contract worth $153 million with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2018. After the termination of the 4 year period, he renegotiated his contract for a 2 year extension worth $85 million to retain his position in the team until the 2022-23 NBA Season. He re-signed the contract after winning an NBA Championship in his second season with the franchise.

Reports state that already gathered a remarkable $1 Billion from his success and achievement both on and off the court. Apart from the earnings from the team, He has accumulated an astonishing amount of $700 million. In the 2022–2023 NBA season, James made a total of $44.5 million or around $85 per minute.

Although it was not a max deal, his four-year, $153 million contract with the Lakers is the greatest of his career to date.



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