“It was terrible” Kevin Durant lifts lid on Nets following move to Suns

Kevin Durant, the latest addition to the Phoenix Suns, shared his thoughts on the reasons behind his departure from the Brooklyn Nets during his formal introduction on Thursday.

Despite being asked several questions about his new team’s potential, he was also asked about what went wrong with the Nets, who traded him last week along with Kyrie Irving.

Durant, along with Irving and James Harden, were expected to bring multiple championships to the Nets, creating a powerhouse trio. However, a series of setbacks, including injuries, the pandemic, and personal issues, led to the team’s failure to achieve its goals.

Despite the team’s struggles, Durant shared that he appreciated the grind and built a family in Brooklyn. He stated that everyone tried their hardest every day, and he loved the guys. He also expressed his emotional attachment to the team and said it was terrible how some things went down, without going into specifics.

Durant expressed his disappointment over the Kyrie trade, stating that it was tough for him to stomach. He believed that the team was finally building the culture they always wanted and had great momentum. He also felt that they had players stepping up and was upset that they couldn’t finish together.

While it sounds like there might be some bitterness between Durant and Irving, Durant also looks forward to the future with the Suns. He believes that the Suns have all the necessary pieces to be successful and is looking forward to doing the work with the team. The Suns are primed to win the championship that Durant could not achieve with the Nets.




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