Logan Paul, KSI’s hydration drink “Prime” generates retail sales of $45million in January 2023 following UFC deal

Logan Paul and KSI may not have had the best history but the two Youtubers came together for a joint venture anyway. ‘Stronger Together’ now seems to be the new slogan most fitting for the unlikely duo as their hydration drink ‘Prime’ is reportedly doing crazy numbers after signing with the UFC.

History between Logan Paul and KSI, how ‘Prime’ came to be?

Youtube beef has been a popular genre of videos for a very long time. Earlier we would see a channel debunk videos from other channels and some Youtubers went so forward as to make diss tracks about their peers over different issues. But the likes of KSI, Jake Paul, and Logan Paul took this trend to a whole new level.

As former Vine stars, neither Jake nor Logan didn’t have much positive creativity, to begin with. They relied on cheap skits and exploitative behavior to keep their online fandom going. Even after transferring to Youtube, they didn’t bring anything creative to the table either. But they had a plan to spice things up.

The first time, these YouTubers announced boxing matches against each other, nobody really took them seriously. Logan Paul had KSI as the opponent and they had two fights. One of these fights ended in a draw and the other one saw KSI picking up the win. The fights may have been done and dusted but some animosity seemingly remained.

This is exactly why people were surprised when the duo came together to announce the Prime Hydration drink. The former opponents were rather serious with their approach as they became the official drink of the Premier League Team, Arsenal. This was only the beginning as later Logan was seen with Dana signing a partnership with the UFC.

Logan took the opportunity to insult fighter Paddy Pimblet too. Considering how controversial the older Paul brother is, the sales potential of the product was questioned. But contrary to the belief of some, the drink brought in $110 million in the first year from the international market and $250 million in retail.

What are your opinion on Logan Paul and KSI’s new venture?


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