“It’s a big deal” Alexander Volkanovski lifts lid on losing UFC No.1 P4P spot to Jon Jones

Prior to Jon Jones’s victory over Cyril Gane in UFC 285, Alexander Volkanovski held the number one spot on the p4p rankings. Even a loss against the Lightweight king could not take the prized moniker off him. Now Alexander has opened up to share how he perceives ‘Bones’ dethroning him.

‘The Great’ and Islam Makhachev fought at the RAC Arena in Perth for the highly awaited lightweight fight around a month ago. As part of the main card for the UFC 284 event, this battle between the reigning champions of two distinct weight classes took place. Despite the fact that Islam successfully defended his lightweight title against the Australian, Volk was not stripped of his position as the number one player in the p4p rankings.

Weeks later, Jon Jones, for his returning bout, faced off against Cyril Gane, the heavyweight division’s top-ranked contender, in UFC 285 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. With his dominating victory over ‘Bon Gamin,’ Bones replaced Volk as the p4p number 1 fighter in the world. 

What does Alexander Volkanovski think about Jon Jones’ status as the number one P4P fighter?

In a recent interview with Steve-O that was posted on YouTube, the featherweight champion discussed how he feels about falling out of the top spot in the p4p rankings. When Volk was discussing the p4p position, he also expressed his appreciation to the returning player Jones for his admirable performance.

“Everyone loves talking about it. It’s a big deal. I’ll be honest with you, [becoming] a champion was great, being pound-for-pound No. 1 [was greater], which Jon Jones took that from me. I don’t think with all of the [rankings], but the UFC, yes. It was just that one [fight in three years], but what he did, moving up — at least he moved up and showed that pound-for-pound comes into play.” said Alexander.

In the previous p4p ranking, Islam came in at number two, behind only Volk. In the most recently published ranking after Bones’ startling victory over the Frenchman, Islam, and Volk had to take a backseat to make way for Jones to take the p4p crown.

“The body of work that we’ve done in the last three years, obviously, a lot of people are gonna be like, ‘Look what Alex has done in the last three years.’ You can get that, but at the same time, look at what Jon Jones has done as well. Can I really argue that? He’s gonna be one of the greatest of all time. For him to take that is like, ‘Damn it! What do you do?’” Alexander further added.

Among Islam Makhachev, Jon Jones, and Alexander Volkanovski who would you say is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world right now? Please provide your thoughtful feedback in the comment box.

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