Ex-UFC star Alistair Overeem hit with one year suspension after doping violation

Doping or abusing PED is a major issue in the combat sports world. Athletes who get caught engaging in such acts usually face severe consequences. Former UFC Heavyweight, Alistair Cees Overeem now shocks the MMA world as he faces a year suspension after testing positive for a performance-enhancing drug.

Owing to the fact that Overeem is currently 42 years old, it is highly unlikely that he would be ready to compete in any combat sports after serving a suspension of one year for doping violations. Following his departure from the UFC, he made the decision to join the kickboxing organization Glory.

Why has Alistair Overeem been suspended?

The British kickboxer has been caught with positive drug tests in the past as well, so this is not the first time such mishaps have happened. After his triumph over the Moroccan legend Badr Hari, questions were raised about his performance. As soon as he overcame Hari, the authorities of Glory began an investigation on him to determine whether or not he had abused illicit substances in his system.

From 2011 to 2021, the Dutch fighter was a competitor of the UFC. During his time with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, he was hit with a nine-month suspension from the Nevada Athletic Commission after a positive test for an increased testosterone level. Back in 2016, the Demolition Man fought in a title bout against Stipe Miocic but lost. 

Once more, the former UFC heavyweight fighter was unable to get away with the violation of drug use. Even though the promotion that he is currently signed up with, GLORY, has not revealed the specific details. However, it has been officially confirmed that in accordance with their anti-doping policy, he tested positive for both the A and B tests.

Do you agree with Glory’s decision to suspend him for a full year? Is the sentence appropriate, or do you believe more should have been done to send a message to the young fighters?

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