“There’s still admiration” Conor McGregor still has respect for Michael Chandler despite “competitive fire” after TUF 31 clash

It is difficult to imagine Conor McGregor garnering attention for complementing his adversaries given his notorious reputation. The Irishman astonished everyone by praising his next opponent in the octagon, Michael Chandler just days before the shooting for The Ultimate Fighter wrapped up.

The 31st season of TUF is presently being filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada, with the former champion of two different divisions as the coach. The Notorious had made it to the headlines some time ago for assaulting Chandler, the coach of his enemy team. Interestingly, the Dublin native now perceives Chandler from a whole different point of view.

What does Conor McGregor say about Michael Chandler?

In the latter half of 2023, McGregor and ‘Iron’ are scheduled to square off in the octagon. But in an interview with Barstool Sports, he expressed what he thinks of Michael now, based on his experience coaching against the American fighter. 

“I had respect for (Michael) Chandler [before TUF 31] – we had an issue, right? Obviously, tempers are flaring – it’s a f*cking hostile thing. I like his style, he likes my style, we have a good little buzz.” said McGregor.

It’s not difficult to figure out what Conor means when he says he has an issue with Chandler. In some leaked footage during the filming of TUF, The Irishman was seen furious as he stormed into the cage and attacked his rival coach. In light of the images that have been made available to the public, there is not much information that can be gleaned; however, dependable sources have confirmed that there was a clash between the two fighters.

Even though the lightweight superstar is now emphasizing the importance of having mutual respect for one another, he did not diminish the tension that exists between them. The 34-year-old fighter vows that he will be merciless toward Chandler when they finally face each other in a bout.

“There’s still competitive fire – I’m still gonna mince him. I know he’s gonna try and throw everything into his shots also. But there’s still admiration – that’s how it should be. That’s how sport should be, you should have the ability to separate it. We had an issue once during it, and it’s all good. Tempers were flaring – we got past it.” McGregor further added.

Are you excited to watch the new season of The Ultimate Fighter which is scheduled to begin airing on ESPN on May 30?

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