“It’s a parade inside my city, yeah”: Ja Morant’s daughter steals show with viral post-game shoutout following Grizzlies’ win over Lakers

The Memphis Grizzlies’ recent victory over the Los Angeles Lakers was a triumph not just for the team, but for a young member of their star player’s family. After the game, point guard Ja Morant daughter Kaari stole the show with a viral post-game shoutout that had fans talking.

Earlier this week, the Memphis Grizzlies suffered a loss to the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 1, with their star point guard Ja Morant injuring himself during the game’s fourth quarter. This caused concern for the Grizzlies’ chances in Game 2. But despite Morant’s absence, the team managed to secure a win against their opponents at the FedEx Forum.

Morant was in attendance at the game with his daughter Kaari. And following the victory, the two were interviewed together. 

In a moment of celebration, Ja asked Kaari to repeat the lyrics, “It’s a paradise inside my city yeah!.”

Morant was unable to play in Game 2 due to hand soreness resulting from his injury in Game 1. And the Grizzlies have not yet confirmed whether he will start in Game 3, as they are primarily focused on his recovery. The upcoming game will take place at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles on Saturday.

How did fans react to Ja Morant and his daughter?

Ja Morant

The exchange was meant to be playful. But some fans expressed disappointment and believed that Ja was using his daughter to improve his image, particularly in light of recent legal troubles.

In the end, Kaari Morant’s post-game shoutout has become a viral sensation for good reason. It captures the energy, passion, and pride that many Memphis Grizzlies fans feel for their city and their team. Some may question the wisdom of using a young child to make a point about a controversial figure like NBA YoungBoy or Ja Morant. But others see it as a harmless moment of celebration that brings joy to both father and daughter. 

Regardless of one’s opinion, one thing is clear: the Grizzlies and their fans have reason to celebrate. And Kaari’s shoutout is a reminder of the team’s deep roots in the city of Memphis.


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