“It’s good, makes me look tough” Luka Doncic jokes about his swollen face

The Golden State Warriors literally blew the Luka Doncic’s Dallas Mavericks in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals on Wednesday night. The Dubs hits the Slovenian superstar harder than the team itself making it visible with a scar on his face.

If you didn’t watch the match from beginning you may have seen the Mavs star Luka playing with a scar in his face. That’s the result of a fingernail swipe caused by the Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins. Dallas PG Luka was moving forward with the ball, Wiggins stepped in and went for the ball and unfortunately he missed the ball and give Doncic a scar in his face with his left hand in the first quarter of Game 1.

Also, it seemed that the former Real Madrid youth star had a little injury on his shoulder too. He was self massaging his shoulder and rotating it with ease to have comfort in the second quarter.

It seems the injuries couldn’t slowed Luka Doncic down. Before halftime he was leading all scorers with 18 points, including several long jumpers after dinging the shoulder. Even he is not worrying about the long fingernail mark on the face. He thinks this is aesthetic and cool looking as he acknowledge such after the post match pressor, “It’s good. It makes me look tough.” 


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