“Izzy, smart fu**ing move”: Sean Strickland absolutely loves Israel Adesanya’s recent call-out following victory at UFC 287

Dricus Du Plessis and Israel Adesanya are at odds after the South African fighter recently made a jab at all fighters of African ancestry, claiming that he is the only one with true African blood rushing through his veins.

Current 185 lb champion ‘The Last Dtylebender’ did not take very kindly to such comments. Potential title contender Sean Strickland lately took part in the conflict and showed some support for Izzy.

What is going on between Israel Adesanya and Dricus Du Plessis? 

Du Plessis got into a scuffle with the current UFC middleweight champion, claiming that he is the only genuine African fighter competing right now. Francis Ngannou, Kamaru Usman, and Israel Adesanya reportedly received mockery from Stilllknocks for not being authentic Africans like him.

The Last Stylebender didn’t rest; instead, he launched a counterattack against the fighter with the African passport, stating, “I pray to God he keeps winning. I will gladly drag his carcass across South Africa.”

What does Sean Strickland have to say about the Adesanya-Du Plessis feud?

Sean was compelled to participate in the ongoing verbal altercation between two fighters in his division. The Nigeria-born fighter, however, was greatly praised by the number 7-ranked middleweight fighter for his response to Du Plessis’s assertion that he was the one true African. 

“Here’s the thing. Dricus had to go and say some stupid sh*t. Well, I don’t know, not stupid sh*t about him being the real African. Then Izzy was like, ‘I’m going to use that to get me a nice, easy fight because this is not UFC, this is the WWE.’ said Strickland. 

Despite being a relatively new name in the UFC, Stillknocks—the former middleweight champion of the Extreme Fighting Championship—has already made a name for himself as a formidable rival. With five straight victories, Plessis is most likely to face Strickland next 

“Izzy, Smart fu**ing move picking that man. I don’t think Dricus [versus myself] is gonna happen. I think Izzy is gonna get what he wants and he’s gonna have a nice, easy win. And get a big old fu**ing paycheck beating up a can.” Strickland added.

Do you think that Sean Strickland has just set up a fresh, fierce rivalry between Dricus Du Plessis and him? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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