Jake Paul brutally slams Dana White over UFC’s ‘slave contracts’ as he continues to advocate for raising fighters’ wages

Former Youtuber turned Boxer, Jake Paul has pretty much made a career out of generating controversies. For a while now, Jake has been going after UFC president Dana White regarding fighter pay and health insurance issues. Recently, the younger Paul brother has again taken a sharp jab at Dana.

The main issue here is the fighter’s pay in UFC.  Boxers receive considerably higher payments for their fights as opposed to UFC fighters. While many have spoken out against such issues previously, Paul is probably the loudest voice to do it.

Paul himself has been enjoying a great time in the boxing ring. He defeated YouTubers, Basketball Players, and former UFC fighters (Ben Askren, Anderson Silva, Tyron Woodley). His payment is currently higher than some of UFCs biggest stars.

Jake Paul has now created an organization named UFA(United Fighters Organization) which he claims is going to tackle these issues. His demand is higher pay and long-term healthcare for fighters. 

 “The fighters are basically in slave contracts,” he said on a podcast. According to him, the UFC wouldn’t be as rich if they didn’t exploit their fighters. Paul utilizes almost every possible opportunity to take a jab at UFC. Recently he Tweeted.

His intentions may seem noble but many fighters are skeptical of his actions. In his recent fight, Jake took home a purse of $1.5m while Silva only received $500k. Not to mention the very suspicious rigging allegations against some of Jake’s fights.

Whatever the truth is, we can hopefully find out with time.

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