Jake Paul slams critiques who claim he won’t be in boxing hall of fame ahead of bout vs UFC legend Nate Diaz: “I’ve put on bigger PPV than some of these HOF guys”

The best course of action for the media when Jake Paul is involved is probably to prepare for the unexpected. At yesterday’s pre-fight press conference for the Nate Diaz fight, the YouTuber-turned-boxer confronted a reporter.

The internet sensation is actively promoting his upcoming bout. The Problem Child and Diaz are scheduled to face off on August 5 at the Dallas American Airlines Center. The boxers participated in a question-and-answer session at a press conference yesterday in Dallas, and it was at this time that Jake decided to take a reporter’s comment seriously. 

What did Jake Paul say to the reporter? 

A reporter claimed during the question-and-answer session that Jake Paul would never be able to be a boxing Hall of Famer. The younger Paul brother chose to respond to the journalist harshly as he did not take the remark well. 

“I don’t know who you are to say that, I’m not a future hall-of-fame boxer? I have done more for the sports than any boxers in current history. I’ve changed the whole entire game and brought a new $70 million followers to the sports and put on bigger pay-per-views than some of these hall-of-fame guys.” Jake said. 


Jake had won six straight fights prior to taking on Tommy Fury in February at the Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia. The YouTuber-turned-boxer, though, lost his first fight against TNT. Paul, therefore, has the right to assert that he is developing and is making a strong effort to fit into the boxing scene. 

“I’m getting more and more experience under my belt with each fight. This will be my eighth fight. Just getting better and better in the gym. I spar against world champions and trained with world champions all the time.” Jake added. 

There is no disputing the fact that Jake’s fight with Tommy was a tremendous success, even though ardent and genuine boxing fans would disagree and find it difficult to accept online personalities in the boxing scene. One of the best PPV sales records happened in recent memory, in fact. The Problem Child will now take on the MMA veteran in an effort to improve his résumé. 

“You wanna talk about resume? Yeah, I’m building it up, buddy. I just got started in this game. This is my eighth fight. I’m fighting Nate Diaz, one of the biggest fighters in MMA history.” Jake further added.

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