“F**k it ni***, that b***h can’t beat me”: Jermell Charlo wants to square off vs Canelo Alvarez

Jermell Charlo, who is currently injured, called out Canelo Alvarez and requested promoter Eddie Hearn to arrange a fight.

However, Canelo is focused on his upcoming rematch against WBA light heavyweight Dmitry Bivol on September 16th and is not interested in indulging Jermell’s clout-chasing and payday-seeking behavior.

Additionally, Canelo does not want to risk signing up for a fight with Charlo only to have it postponed repeatedly due to his injury problems. Jermell’s sense of entitlement is a common problem among fighters who expect opportunities to fall into their laps without putting in the work.

Canelo Alvarez punches John Ryder

If Charlo were serious about fighting Canelo, he would move up to 168 and earn the fight by running the gauntlet. However, Jermell did not specify what weight class the fight would take place, as he fights at 154.

Furthermore, Jermell has not fought since May 2022 due to a slow-healing broken left hand. And his WBO mandatory Tim Tszyu has been waiting for a title shot against Charlo for a long time with no clear indication of when or if it will happen.

“That b**ch can’t beat me off his last performance,” said Jermell, referring to Canelo’s lackluster win over John Ryder last weekend. “I wanted to show you all that I still exist. Eddie Hearn, come put that Charlo s**t together.”

“I already accomplished everything. When the [left] hand gets right. I’ll go knock him out and then knock the other mother f***er out,” he added.

Canelo Alvarez: The Undisputed King

Despite breaking his hand last year, Jermell Charlo’s injury is still not healed after six months. He was originally scheduled to defend his title against his WBO mandatory Tim Tszyu in January but had to withdraw due to the injury.

As of May, his hand is still not healed. It’s unclear if Charlo’s slow-healing hand has broken any records, but it’s a possibility. Even if Jermell were interested in fighting Canelo. It’s unlikely that Alvarez would agree to fight at 154 or 160 pounds.

Canelo Alvarez

Likewise, Jermell may not be willing to move up to 168 pounds to challenge Canelo for his undisputed championship.

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