Jayson Tatum on fans’ sports betting: I don’t want them to lose money, missing parlays makes me feel bad

Jayson Tatum recently got some compliments for what he said about sports betting. More and more fans are getting into betting on their favorite games, teams, and players, which has made sports gambling a big topic of debate.

Sometimes, when fans lose their bets, they get mad at the players, which has led to discussions about how sports betting is changing the game and the NBA. Other players have also discussed this issue, saying they’re tired of fans discussing their bets and predictions.

Jayson Tatum’s candid thoughts on fans betting on NBA plays

When Jayson Tatum hears fans making bets, and then he doesn’t meet their expectations, it makes him feel bad. He talked to the media this week about this situation. He said that what fans say to him now differs from when he first started playing in the NBA.

“Fans yell shit all the time, shoot one more three, get one more rebound, get 25 before the half is over… I guess I do feel bad when I don’t hit people’s parlays. I don’t want to them lose money,” he said.

Tatum admitted that he feels terrible when he doesn’t help fans win their bets because he doesn’t want them to lose money. Despite this pressure, he focuses on just playing the game.

This revelation from Tatum surprised many people. It shows that he deals with the same pressures from fans as other athletes, if not more. He shared examples of the demands fans placed on him, especially since sports betting became legal. Even though he’s been in the league since 2017, the expectations from fans have only increased.

This raises questions about how familiar this feeling is among players and how it affects their performance on the court.

Jayson Tatum becomes Coach’s new global ambassador

Fashion apparel brand ‘Coach’ chose Jayson Tatum from the Boston Celtics as its new global ambassador. Tatum, who has been an ambassador for the Jordan brand since 2019, is now part of Coach’s “Courage to Be Real” series. Starting Wednesday, this campaign showcases Tatum in Coach’s spring 2024 watches and sunglasses collections.

Tatum shared his excitement about this partnership, mentioning how it feels like coming full circle for him. He appreciates working with Coach because they celebrate pushing limits. In the campaign, you’ll see Tatum wearing Coach’s “Jackson” model watch, a gold chronograph watch with a green dial and three sub-dials. The Jackson watch is available at selected stores nationwide.

He was also featured in Coach’s gradient keyhole square sunglasses, with their Signature C pattern embedded as a custom core wire. These sunglasses come in a pecan blue-gray gradient color with transparent pecan temples and blue-gray solid lenses. Stuart Vevers, Coach’s creative director, praised Tatum’s confidence and authentic self-expression.

Tatum joins Coach’s global ambassadors list, including Lil Nas X, Jennifer Lopez, Youngji Lee, Koki, and Wu Jinyan.

Besides his ambassador role, Tatum has had an impressive season with the Celtics, showcasing career-best stats in points, rebounds, and assists per game. Off the court, Tatum founded the Jayson Tatum Foundation, which supports St. Louis children and teens through education, athletics, and mentorship programs. Recently, SoFi, a financial services company, donated $1 million to help low-income, single-parent households find homes.

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