Joaquin Buckley admits he dropped to welterweight after he “got tired of getting knocked out” ahead of bout vs Andre Fialho at UFC Vegas 73

Joaquin Buckley, having started his UFC journey in the middleweight division with a record of 5-4, is now preparing to make a significant move down to welterweight.

After suffering a knockout defeat against Chris Curtis and a decision loss to Nassourdine Imavov in his most recent fights, Buckley recognized the need for a change.

With three of his four losses coming by knockout, he made the decision to transition to the welterweight division, aiming to find a fresh start and a new path to success.

This move demonstrates Buckley’s determination to address his vulnerabilities and compete in a weight class that he believes will better suit his skills and attributes.

“I got tired of getting knocked out,” Buckley said at UFC Vegas 73 media day. “I ain’t going to lie. Being at 185, you’ve got a lot of heavy hitters out there. But one thing about me mentally is I’m not scared to fight anybody. But sometimes that’s the problem. It’s not about being scared. It’s about being smart. Right now, I feel like me being at 170, even though I took losses at 185, they prepared me for this moment at welterweight.”

Joaquin Buckley ready to show his real self 

Despite experiencing some success in the middleweight division, Joaquin holds a firm belief that his true potential will be fully realized in the welterweight class.

Joaquin Byckley

Reflecting on his career, he expresses a conviction that he should have been competing as a welterweight all along. Buckley expresses confidence that the weight cut to welterweight will not be a cause for concern.

In fact, he reveals that during a recent weigh-in on Wednesday, he registered a weight of 178 pounds, a figure that aligns perfectly with his desired range for the welterweight division.

This reassures him that he is well-suited for the weight class and instills further confidence in his decision to make the move down to welterweight.

Joaquin reveals his motivation to compete at middleweight

The financial aspect played a significant role in his decision to stay in the middleweight division, as he candidly states that he was motivated by the paycheck.

Buckley explains that his success at middleweight was particularly satisfying because he didn’t have to undergo severe weight cuts to make the 185-pound limit.

He reveals that he walked around at weights between 183 and 185 pounds, allowing him to enter the cage without the burden of a significant weight cut. However, with the move to welterweight, he recognizes the need for greater discipline in his nutrition and dietary choices.

In his upcoming fight at UFC Vegas 73, Buckley is slated to face Andre Fialho on Saturday night. This bout could serve as a pivotal moment in his career as he aims to make a strong statement in the welterweight division and showcase his skills against a formidable opponent.

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