Chris Curtis attacks “fat f**k” Kelvin Gastelum, wants rematch following UFC 287 defeat: “I’m gonna bury you if I see you again”

Chris Curtis, known for his explosive fighting style, was left dissatisfied after his recent bout at UFC 287 in Miami, Florida on April 8, 2023. The electrifying matchup against Kelvin Gastelum on the “Prelims” undercard was hailed as the “Fight of the Night,” but it was Gastelum who walked away with a unanimous decision victory, leaving Curtis fuming.

In a post-fight interview with Helen Yee, Curtis didn’t mince words when expressing his frustration with the result. “I wanna f–king fight him again,” Curtis exclaimed. “I know he won’t do it. Fat f–k is probably running around eating Twinkies and tacos right now.

Honestly, I’d love to run it back. He’s not gonna do it, I know he won’t do it. So at this point, it’s kind of up to the UFC. I’m gonna bury you if I see you again,” Curtis explained with a fervent resolve.

Chris Curtis

Controversy in the Octagon: Chris Curtis Fights Against Storyline Loss at UFC 287

A contentious moment in round two caused Curtis’ grievances with the loss. In that round, he was visibly shaken by an accidental head clash that left him feeling baffled. However, the referee missed the blow and didn’t halt the action, allowing Gastelum to gain momentum and ultimately sway the judges in his favor. Curtis has filed an appeal with Florida’s athletic commission to review the decision and the head clash incident in the fight, highlighting his belief that the outcome was marred by a storyline rather than true merit.

“I’m pissed as f–k,” Curtis exclaimed. “I feel like I lost via storyline. We split the fight one round a piece. Second round came down to a headbutt the ref missed and like some follow-up strikes in a round I was winning. All I gotta hear is this bulls–t about, ‘Oh, Kelvin’s back. He’s this, this, and this. He’s returned. It’s the best Kelvin he’s been.’ Yeah, but I was better than you that night. Lo and behold, f–k it. People are stupid and they love their storylines, so here we are.”

Fighting for Redemption: Curtis’ Quest for Justice and Rematch with Gastelum at UFC 287

As Curtis awaits the outcome of his appeal, he remains irked by the loss and eager for a rematch with Gastelum. His tenacity and determination to right the perceived wrongs of the fight are evident, and fight fans eagerly anticipate what’s next for the “Action Man” in the octagon.

Will Gastelum answer Curtis’ call for a rematch, or will the UFC step in to make it happen? Only time will tell in the ever-dynamic world of combat sports.

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