Julianna Peña shows love for Bryce Mitchell amid controversial post-fight event

Bryce Mitchell, known for both his conservative beliefs and fighting prowess, entered the octagon last night with a Holy Bible at UFC Vegas 79 shouting ‘freedom’.

After a unanimous decision win, ‘Thug Nasty’ declared in the post-fight interview that he believes Satan has taken over this Earth, specifically mentioning the fires in Hawaii, and proceeded to ask Dan Ige to pray with him inside the octagon. This gesture by Bryce inspired Julianna Peña, the former UFC women’s bantamweight champion, who showed love on social media.

Julianna Peña shows love for Mitchell

In the post fight interview, Mitchell touched on the sensitive topic of the Hawaii wildfires, also praising his opponent by saying that Dan is the hardest hitter that Mitchell has ever faced. Thug Nasty further went on to compliment Dan’s grappling defense.

Thug Nasty donated $5,000 to Dan Ige, a native Hawaiian. An emotional Mitchell, throughout the post-fight interview, asked Dan to lead the prayer against Satan, who, according to Mitchell, is trying to set Hawaii on fire.

Julianna Peña, the former UFC women’s bantamweight champion, was touched by Bryce Mitchell and took to Twitter to express her love for Mitchell, saying, “Jesus loves you, Bryce, and we do too! Amen!”

Bryce gets prayer attempt cut off by Michael Bisping

As “Thug Nasty” wanted to pray together with his opponent, for the wildfires in Hawaii, Bisping chose to end the interview by cutting off Mitchell, and this move from Bisping received a lot of controversy. Earlier in his walkout, Bryce carried a Bible with him before the fight began. In the post-match interview, Thug Nasty pointed towards his Bible and made his thoughts known. 

The former UFC middle weight champion, Michael Bisping did not take Bryce mentioning Satan and the conspiracy theories behind the wildfires in Hawaii as the commentator moved the mike away from the fighter. One fan on Twitter expressed his opinion about Bisping not allowing Bryce to pray and said that he understands there is a time limit for these post-fight interviews, but not allowing a fighter to pray inside the octagon is ridiculous.

we certainly hope for the best of Hawaii and our prayers are with Hawaii, tell us in the comments your thoughts on Michael Bisping’s action of not allowing Mitchell to pray in the Octagon.


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