Jurgen Klopp slammed Chelsea owner Todd Boehly following premier league all-star game idea

Chelsea FC owner Todd Boehly appointed Graham Potter in Tuchel’s place a few days ago, but the American businessman did not stop there, rather he expressed a controversial desire to host a game amongst the best players in the Premier League, which eventually sparked rage over EPL managers like Jurgen Klopp and others.

Famous soccer analyst Ally McCoist also joined Klopp’s side to despise Boehly’s idea, which attracted the football fans to dive into this issue.

Why did Jurgen Klopp advise Todd Boehly to remain silent?

Todd Boehly, the new owner of Chelsea, recommended that England have an all-star “north vs. south” match to raise money and then, Jurgen Klopp and Ally McCoist have responded because Chelsea was acquired by a group under Boehly’s direction in late May and since then, Stamford Bridge has undergone an overhaul, leading to the departure of a number of senior executives. Petr Cech and Marina Granovskaia are two examples of this.

The coaching staff has undergone significant alteration under the new proprietors. Recently, Thomas Tuchel was fired, and an amazing English manager took his place and when Chelsea played Red Bull Salzburg in the UCL, the 47-year-old Graham Potter took charge for the first time (Wednesday).

Boehly has changed Chelsea, but he has also advocated reforms to the English match and the American presented a fresh relegation concept at a recent conference. He believes that the Premier League’s four bottom teams ought to participate in a mini-tournament to determine who is eliminated and he also suggested an all-star game pitting the north against the south, similar to those played in the NBA and NFL. Players from teams like Manchester United and Liverpool would compete against those from Chelsea and Arsenal in this matchup and Todd Boehly eventually said, “Ultimately I hope the Premier League takes a little bit of a lesson from American sports.” 

Popular soccer pundit Ally McCoist makes a valid point as Boehly has just recently moved to England, yet he has already begun to make significant improvements to the English game and McCoy also remarked that Boehly must make sure that Potter’s spell in west London is functional among other things. If Chelsea wants to win the Premier League once more, they must also catch up to Manchester City.

Jurgen Klopp also makes some excellent points. Players already have a short enough summer break. Consider attempting to schedule a few all-star games as well. This would virtually negate any downtime for the athletes but it is admirable that Boehly is considering methods to improve football at all levels, not just the Premier League. But since the FA won’t just copy USA, more thinking must go into his proposals.


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