Kate Middleton, Roger Federer engage in intense ROYAL workout ahead of Wimbledon 2023

With just a week to the Wimbledon 2023, a wholesome video of the royal princess of Wales, Kate Middleton and the tennis icon, Roger Federer bonding with the ball boys and girls is shared on YouTube. Dressed up in all whites, the duo quickly face each other for a delightful and amicable match.

The Swiss former professional who retired just last year, has won the Wimbledon title eight times. He is undoubtedly the ‘King of Grass’ with the most elegant play of style on the surface and the record of the most number of Wimbledon titles.

Patron Her Royal Highness, Kate Middleton is known for her athleticism. So, the point she won against Rog in their friendly game was not surprising. 

Princess of Wales graced the court with ‘King of Grass’ Roger Federer

The King of Grass, Roger Federer and the tennis fan Kate Middleton team up to recognize and celebrate the Ball Boys and Girls (BBG). They visit the London tennis court, ready to learn more about the world of tennis and ball boys and girls. 

‘Shall we play some tennis?’ asks the Swiss Maestro. 

Kate Middleton BEATS Tennis Icon Roger Federer At Wimbledon - YouTube

Letting the Maestro hit the first serve, the princess shows her poised tennis strokes. She also wins the point after hitting the ball right at the baseline. ‘Amazing!’, says Rog with the biggest smile on his face.

Fans definitely loved this charming duo and their quick, yet captivating game.  

The duo promoted the work of ball boys & girls at Wimbledon

After this, they quickly move on to learn more about the duties of the Ball Boys and Girls. The Wimbledon ball girl, Mollie is showing to teach the royal princess the posture, dos and don’ts of fetching and feeding the ball in the Grand Slams. 

Furthermore, the duo explore the workouts and training that the youngsters undergo to be Wimbledon Ball Boys and Girls. The individual conversations shed light on the importance and demands of this role.

Mollie also speaks about how only 300 out of 1000 applicants were picked last year. Anex was another Wimbledon ball boy who spoke of the ‘discipline and cleanliness’ it takes to succeed in this training. 

The endearing conversations between the princess, the tennis master and the ball boys and girls was not all. They afterward, met with the BBG Manager and the tournament director to understand the weight that this role carries. 

Kate and Roger were so impressed with the level of training and incredible disciple for the role of Wimbledon Ball boy and girl. They left them with the longest applause that truly showed their appreciation for this youngsters. 

There have been several incidents in the history of tennis that showed the dedication and importance of the ball boys and girls. This recent video drew tennis fans a clearer picture of what it feels like to be in their shoes. 

What are a few iconic ball boy and girl that comes to your mind? Let us know in the comments below!


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