Kate Middleton’s tennis outing with Roger Federer takes surprising turn after she accidentally breaks Wimbledon protocol

The Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton and the King of Grass, Roger Federer teamed up to have a royal workout session on SW19 court 3! This illustrious duo come together to celebrate the Wimbledon Ball Boys and Girls (BBG). An uplifting video of this duo bonding and learning about the importance of the ball boys and girls was shared on their official YouTube channel. 

Decked up in all whites, the princess and Roger went up against each other for a quick leisurely game. Afterwards, they approached the Wimbledon ball girl, Mollie who taught them both how to feed the ball. This is when Kate Middleton learns the strict dos and don’ts of the Wimbledon ball boys and girls

Kate Middleton breaks Wimbledon protocol in her tennis outing with Roger Federer

The Princess of Wales stands next to Mollie, learning the posture and manner to feed the ball. As Kate Middleton sharply picks up the ways of the ball boys and girls, Mollie exclaims ‘that’s it perfect’!

When the ball from the other side comes flying out of the court, Kate Middleton executes the most suave catch. Roger then raises the question, “Are you allowed to do that?”

The Swiss points out, “how in Australian they are allowed to catch it but here in Wimbledon they don’t”. This is how Kate realizes that she had broken the Wimbledon rule and learns the nuances of the Wimbledon tournament. 

Mollie cutely explains how they only have to pick up the ball once it is on the ground and says, ‘but good catch’. They all share a laugh and move on to learn more about the training and dedication that it takes to become a ball boy and girl at Wimbledon. The royal duo try out several of their workout to understand the diligence of this role and appreciate all of them. 

Will Federer join the commentary box at Wimbledon 2023?

It has not even been a year since Roger Federer retired from the world of tennis. With his records in Big three of the open era, being the ”King of Grass” and just Roger’s charming persona has had tennis fans deeming him the GOAT of tennis. His impact on this field will be long-lasting and fans miss him on the court. 

As Wimbledon 2023 is right around the corner, fans ask Roger if he would be back to the tournament, this time to commentate. Afterall, the Wimbledon is kind of his territory with the record-breaking 8 titles. 

Roger Federer's BBC Wimbledon role should be 'something unique' like 'running a show or doing interviews'

The Swiss answers the fans and confirms that he will not be commentating this year’s Wimbledon. Roger tweets, ‘no plans to commentate this year!’ While several fans think that Federer’s takes on the field would be a cool role, former world No 2 Alex Corretja expresses how how he should do “interviews or a program” and commentating would actually be waste of time for Roger.

What are your thoughts on Roger Federer giving a comeback to the field of tennis as a commentator? Or do you think Alex is right and he should be doing tennis TV shows? Let us know in the comments below!


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