Kendrick Perkins highlights LeBron James wife Savannah James’ contribution to help her husband become a Billionaire

The NBA playoffs of this season may have slipped away from LeBron James, but that’s not going to stop this 37 year old basketball legend from celebrating.

The 2 time Olympic gold medalist, 18 time NBA all star and 4 time NBA champion winner has reached yet another milestone. Last year has been another gigantic year for the Lakers star in terms of earnings, earning a total of $121.2 million over the year. Forbes estimates that this has lifted LeBron to the position of a billionaire officially, who has become the first ever active player to join the club.

Sports analyst and former NBA player Kendrick Perkins, who is a former teammate and a friend to LeBron, congratulates the new billionaire on this huge achievement. In his tweeter account, Perkins tweeted a video of his interview with ESPN First Take about LeBron James. In the interview, Perkins visits his early days of friendship when he used be teammates with the Los Angeles Lakers star. 

“I got to see the side of LeBron James growing up that nobody else saw. I witnessed a kid, a 16 year old kid that was before his time.” Perkins reminisced. “I remember when he got drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers. They have an interview out. He was 18 or 19 years of age. And he said right then, he said ‘I want to be the first guy to reach a billion dollars while playing the game of basketball.’ And, damn it, he did it!”

Perkins went on to add that while LeBron has a wonderful set of people around him, supporting him, special credit should obviously go to Savannah James, LeBron’s wife. Savannah, according to Perkins, has been a wonderful wife to the 37 year old billionaire, never holding him back and always supporting him in the way of becoming the best version of himself.

“Savannah James’s been holding LeBron James down since the tenth or eleventh grade, never trying to be all up on the scene, just being at home and being a wife to him, and letting him be the best version of himself.” Perkins showcases Savannah’s contribution to LeBron’s achievements.

Savannah and LeBron James has been married since 2013, after being together since their high school days. In 2011, after 10 years of being together, LeBron took the step of popping the question to Savannah, and she obliged. The high school sweetheart couple has been an exemplary couple in the sports world. 


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