Khan family reportedly interested in AEW-WWE merger, willing to have Vince McMahon take a role in the organization

WWE has been undergoing big changes and has also been the subject of sales speculation. However, some reliable sources recently stated that Shahid Khan and Tony Khan are interested in permanently acquiring World Wrestling Entertainment. According to the sources, they are also interested in uniting AEW and WWE and also giving Vince McMahon a role in the company.

Following the revelation of Vince’s return to his prior position as WWE chairman, decades of changes have been made in a relatively short period of time. The company’s shareholders were concerned about the quick changes. They believe the previous chairman is abusing his voting power to force other board members to resign. Due to the shareholders’ negative opinion on the issue, the organization has been the subject of sale rumors.

Several high-profile buyers have expressed interest in the property since the rumors first surfaced. Endeavor, Comcast, and the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund are a few of the major ones among them. However, out of all of them, the Khan family is on a serious talk and top of the line in the buying business. A CNBC’s recent report suggests that the Khan family is planning on merging AEW and WWE together. AEW fans and followers are going insane on social media after hearing the news. 

Tony Khan is also open to having the pioneer of the professional wrestling revolution in the United States on his side. Even though it hasn’t been confirmed yet but the 40-year-old stated that he will give McMahon a potential role in the company. WWE is hoping to have the company sold by mid-2023 and before the big event, WrestleMania 39. Regardless, it’s going to be a hectic year for wrestling fans.


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