Lakers will reportedly work out Meyers Leonard, after two years of exile due to anti-Semitic slur

The Los Angeles Lakers are reportedly working out Meyers Leonard on Friday as they consider adding him to their roster.

Leonard, a nine-year NBA veteran who has played for the Portland Trail Blazers and Miami Heat, has been out of the NBA since early 2021 when he used an anti-semitic slur during a video game live stream. The incident led to Leonard being suspended indefinitely and traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder, who then waived him. He has not played in the NBA since then.

This is not the first time a player linked to the Lakers has been accused of antisemitism. Earlier this season, the team pursued a trade for Kyrie Irving, but ultimately failed to acquire him. Irving was suspended after sharing a link to an anti-semitic documentary on his social media platforms. The Lakers were linked to Irving in trade talks in the offseason but there is no definitive reporting about whether or not the Lakers plan to pursue him again.

Why do the Lakers want to modify their roster?

The Lakers have been looking for big men who can space the floor lately. They will also reportedly work out former All-Star DeMarcus Cousins on Friday. Cousins signed with the Lakers in the 2019 offseason but never played for them as he suffered an injury in the offseason.

Anthony Davis, the Lakers’ star big man, is injured and expected to return at some point in the near future. He has played center most of the season, but he publicly stated his preference for the power forward position. A shooting big man would theoretically allow the team to use him as a power forward more often. However, given Leonard’s off-court issues, the team would surely face significant backlash if it decides to sign him.

The Lakers are known for their championship-winning team and they are always looking for the best players to add to their roster. However, the team would have to weigh the pros and cons of adding Leonard to the team, taking into consideration the backlash that would come with the move.



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