Knicks to target highly paid 76ers forward Tobias Harris in trade market

Trade rumors are always a big concern for the fans. When it’s about the best player, it creates more expectations. Tobias Harris’s trade rumor is getting bigger day by day.

Every time a star player becomes available on the trade market, rumors immediately begin linking them to the New York Knicks. Their plan appears to be to combine their draft picks and promising young players into a powerhouse duo in the hopes of challenging for titles.

As per SNY’s Ian Begle, “The Knicks have talked internally about the idea of acquiring Tobias Harris via trade before their winning streak started.”

The 76ers forward Harris gets compensated accordingly for his status as a standout player. Philadelphia has struggled to trade him despite having a five-year maximum deal with him.

Without question, he is not an albatross, but his stats do not justify a contract of that size. Harris makes less than Joel Embiid, another teammate, but he averaged 16.7 points per game this season. Embiid is averaging 33.1 points a game. However important Harris may be on the floor, he has not lived up to the 2019 deal he signed.

The issue for the Knicks is that Harris operates in a position where they are well-stocked. Harris is mostly a shooting forward. Knicks players Julius Randle and RJ Barrett. Unless one of them was part of the transaction, Harris would presumably have to sit on the bench whenever they played together. That’s quite improbable, given that the Knicks were hesitant to include Barrett in any trade deal including Donovan Mitchell, and that Randle’s deal is longer and more expensive than Harris’.

The Knicks have guards Evan Fournier, Derrick Rose, Tyrese Maxey, De’Anthony Melton, Shake Milton, and Matisse Thybulle, so they could make a competing salary offer there. However, the 76ers could favor a forward like Harris in that pay slot.

Philadelphia may contemplate this if the contracts were up, but they’ll still have to pay Fournier next year, making the financial benefit of a trade very modest.

It’s possible that New York’s recent success has altered its attitude about pursuing Harris. The Knicks are now doing well sufficient to be selective in trade targets. However, Harris made little sense for them this season. Put it in the drawer with the other rumors that don’t add up.


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