Lakers’ Austin Reaves hilariously exposes LeBron James’ totally wholesome demand for buying Xbox controller

Being a rookie in the NBA is no cakewalk, especially when you’re trying to earn your stripes on and off the court. Austin Reaves knew this all too well when he joined the Los Angeles Lakers last season. But he didn’t expect to get off so lightly with the vets on the team.

In a recent interview on the Point Forward podcast, Reaves revealed that Rondo was the only player who really asked him to run errands for him. He also talked about LeBron James’ demand to run an errand. 

What did Reeves say about LeBron James’ demand?

LeBron James’

He shared that once LeBron James asked him to do his work like Rondo used to do. But then, he’d compensate him for his troubles. He shared that James is actually really low-maintenance. And only once he made him go get an Xbox remote. James gave him a couple of dollars in return. 

“He (Rondo) was the one mostly asking me to go get stuff, so he would hand me a couple of dollars when I got back. But, other than that, Bron’s (LeBron James) actually really low-maintenance. I think he asked me one time to go get an Xbox remote, so I obviously did that. He gave me a couple of dollars, but they let me skate pretty good.”

It implies that LeBron James is not demanding or high-maintenance, except for occasionally asking the Reeves to go and get something for him. It also implies that Reeves is generally able to avoid being asked to do too much for LeBron James, as they are allowed to “skate pretty good,” which means they are given a lot of leeway or freedom. 


Reaves had a relatively smooth ride in his rookie season, and the 24 years old quickly became a fan favorite with his gritty play on the court. Now, in his sophomore season, he’s come into his own, putting up impressive numbers and catching the eye of several teams in the league.

Austin Reeves might leave Lakers

LeBron James’

According to reports, Reaves is seeking a lucrative 3-year deal worth around $50 million, which could spark a bidding war between interested teams. The Lakers may be hoping that Reaves will stay with them for less, but it’s understandable that he wants to make as much money as possible.

Despite his impressive performances, Reaves is a restricted free agent, which means that the Lakers can match any offer he receives. However, if they’re not willing to pay up, they could lose one of their rising stars to a team that’s willing to offer him what he’s worth.


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