Lakers Fan hits an epic half-court shot wins $75,000 with a hug from L.A. superstar Anthony Davis

The Los Angeles Lakers were defeated last night. But for one Lakers fan, it was a memorable night.

On Monday night, a Lakers fan scored a half-court shot that would go down in Lakers lore, won $75,000, and received a hug from L.A. superstar Anthony Davis.

At a break in the action during the Lake Show’s game against the Pacers at Arena, a guy wearing a black Lakers-fitted headpiece was encouraged by L.A. officials to shoot for a $75,000 cash reward. The spectator dribbled once, sprinted, and hurled the ball at the hoop, but it went nowhere except into the rim.

The Laker’s big man, Anthony Davis, was so thrilled that the fan received the money that he threw his arms around the supporter in the arena’s center.

The name of the fan is Murry. He is considered a Lakers legend because he is just the 12th player in NBA history to make a half-court jumper on his first attempt. Murry stated, “Being able to touch the same floor that Kobe played on, Shaq played on, just all these legends played on and It was just a blessing.”

The half-court shot was sadly the most memorable moment for the supporter and the other Lakers fans there, as Los Angeles squandered a 17-point lead and ultimately lost the game 116-115.


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