Lando Norris goes up against George Russell hours after McLaren’s new livery reveal

Lando Norris managed to score quite well against George Russell yesterday. However, it was not on the tarmac, but rather way off from the same and in far different conditions. If one is to think that F1 drivers only “go round and round in circles” in a fast and expensively sophisticated car, then one is wrong.

The pilots often spend their weekends juggling a lot of fun tasks which gives them a break from the hustle and bustle of Formula 1. And hey?! who doesn’t need a break after all, these pilots do a humongous job of driving an extremely demanding car, almost every weekend.

Lando Norris goes up against George Russell

In the Instagram post by Lando Norris, we find him playing tennis against George Russell and the players from his team, Quadrant. Both the brits have a quirky but great friendship and they are often found playing pranks on each other or teasing each other, both, on and off track. George and Lando appear to be huge tennis fans as they are spotted on court a lot, playing their heart out.

F1 drivers lead a really hectic life travelling over the weekend- like a “high performance circus”. In such small breaks they get between races, drivers often decide to spend it with their loved ones or just having entertaining activities. During the lockdown phases, when online racing became a hit, Lando Norris, George Russell, Charles Leclerc and Alex Albon regularly created racing videos together, giving a hearty amount of content to the viewers.

Norris to drive MCL60 with new livery in upcoming GPs

McLaren really agrees with the fact that dark mode suits better, or in this case “Stealth Mode”. In a recent post shared by McLaren F1 racing we find a new livery wrapped around MCL60 and the car looks a beauty. It gives off an immense dominating presence in the post which is going to be a complementing characteristic considering the fact the car has been competitive in past few races.


It has been decided the McLaren drivers, Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri will be running this livery in the upcoming races. Liveries are an important part of Formula 1 and historically McLaren has had few head turners ( yes yes we are talking about the Gulf livery indeed). Now all we need, is a super session is this awesome looking car and hopefully, the famous rookie of this season, Oscar Piastri shall be able to surprise us with his talents, considering the fact that he has had to deal with a lot of unlucky incidents.

The cars are bound to look stunning in the night races and definitely the very anticipated- Las Vegas GP. What do you think about McLaren’s new livery? Are you also in love with it the way we are Papaya fans.


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